MyPakage Underwear is Almost Like Wearing Nothing at All

Have you ever head your nether-parts caressed by an angel? Us neither. But, if we were to someday experience that, we imagine that it would feel something like MyPakage underwear.

MyPakage is one of a few companies that have separated the main body of mens underwear from the nut-cradling part. Rather than squeeze everything together, MyPakage has what they call Keyhole Technology. It’s frankly quite descriptive. Imagine your normal pair of boxer briefs, but instead of a fly, the front panel has a hole in it that your twig and berries fit through. Don’t worry – you’re not just dangling out there. MyPakage then covers you up with a separate pouch. It looks like this.

MyPakage underwear review

The day after MyPakage provided some samples for us to try out, we had a lot of uncomfortable conversations about how comfortable our jewels were. The magic hasn’t worn off. And, our significant others noticed that things appeared larger – a pleasant side effect of not having everything squeezed.

Styles and colors range from subdued black and grey to snazzy flower prints to Aztec power-graphics.  There’s definitely a pair to suit your style.

MyPakage’s Action series are phenomenal.  The fabric has just the right stretch and recovery and it dries ridiculously fast.  We forgot swim trunks on a recent trip and were able to swim in them without them sagging.  We’ve also used them as a base layer on ski tours – one was a five-hour tour around Vail Mountain – with excellent results.

Unfortunately, it’s not all angel rubs and nut-slang. We have some concerns about the durability of MyPakage’s standard Weekday underwear. One pair is showing some holes worn through the fabric (and not in high-wear areas) and another is showing wear in the waistband.  On the bright side, it appears that both of these issues are covered under MyPakage’s warranty and replacements have arrived.

We’re also huge fans of tag-free skivvies. MyPakage makes a big deal about how their tags are soft and comfortable, but we found the larger ones to be irritants.  We’ve discovered that the large tags are an old design.  The new design – which we’ve also tried – is much less obtrusive.  Lesson learned – some vendors have old stock and are still shipping it out!  You can see the difference in the old (top) vs new (bottom) tags below.  When you purchase, check to make sure you get the newer tags.  Huge difference in comfort.

MyPakage underwear review


None of those downsides change the fact that our meat and veg have never been happier.

MyPakage comes in a few different styles – Weekday, Weekend, Action, and Pro. Weekday is your everyday pair – available in both boxer briefs and trunks – and features Modal fabric and a 1″ no-roll waistband. Weekend comes with heavier fabric and a wider waistband for more comfort. The Action series are made from wicking polyester and feature MyDry tech. Finally, the Pro series uses the same fabric as the Action series, but provides slight compression. A bonus on the Action and Pro series is that they don’t stretch out when they get wet.

The final verdict – MyPakage could be a game changer. Definitely grab a pair and try them out. You may end up replacing your entire underwear collection.


PS – did you catch the Simpsons reference?  If so, high five!