Fjallraven Greenland Wind Jacket – Durable and Useful Jacket

Fjallraven Greenland Wind Jacket

Most wind jackets are minimalist in design and use fragile materials to save weight.  The Fjallraven Greenland Wind Jacket is the opposite of that idea.  Though it is a wind jacket, it has features that make it more functional than most in its class.

Durable, recycled materials for real-world use

The Greenland jackets made of 100% recycled polyamide.  Not only is it great that the jacket is made of eco-friendly recycled materials, but it is also actually durable too.  After two months of constant use, the jacket held up with ease.  From hiking and camping to city use.  Plus 3 cycles of washings so far.  It is still holding up just fine.

Dog-friendly jacket

We have two dogs (Chloe and Riley) and they get to go on almost all of the gear testing adventures.  Being happy and loving dogs, they like to be “paws on”.  They both have some decent claws and on several occasions have helped us destroy gear.  One time Riley jumped on a down insulated sleeping pad.  This resulted in an explosion of feathers in the tent.  Quite the scene!  The Greenland wind jacket was impervious to the most ambitious of attempts to rip the material.  If you have dogs or just value durability, this is good new.

Fjallraven Greenland Wind Jacket

Finally, a wind jacket with hand pockets!

We love ultralight wind jackets for emergency protection or streamlined missions, but we are often left disappointed when using them for casual use due to the lack of hand pockets.  This jacket has two zippered hand pockets AND two drop pockets.  This meant the jacket saw a lot more use than our other wind jackets.  Simply because it is really nice to have a place to put your hands or gear.  Bonus – the drop pockets can hold at least two beers each, in the upright position.  Of course, it can be any beverage for that matter.  This was a great feature around the campfire.

Fjallraven Greenland Wind Jacket


Final thoughts on the Greenland Wind Jacket

This jacket became a go-to jacket for urban and mountain use for several reasons.

  1. durability – if my dogs can not puncture the material, then you should be good to go
  2. hand and drop pockets – when not wearing a backpack, it is nice to use these
  3. aesthetics –  it looks good enough to go out in, unlike some trashbag looking wind jackets
  4. function and fit – not too baggy, not too tight
  5. eco-friendly materials –  I love this for lots of reasons, PLUS the material is not crinkly or shiny like some others in this category

This jacket might not be the right wind jacket for you if you are looking for an ultralight jacket (weighs in around 540 grams).  Though it does pack up relatively small to keep in your backpack.  This jacket can be a versatile option that serves both urban and mountain settings.  Plus it looks pretty dang cool.  MSRP $210

Fjallraven Greenland Wind Jacket

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  1. Sell

    Hi Sean, thanks for the review. Have you tried the Abisko windbreaker as well and can tell me how it compares to the Greenland windbreaker?

    • Sean Sewell

      Hello Sell, I did not test the Abisko windbreaker yet. But use the Greenland quite a bit. Sorry I am not more help with the comparison! Sean

      • Sell

        No worries. I would love to hear your thoughts if you get your hands on one tough.

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