To utterly bastardize a quote from Willy Wonka, what happened to the gal whose shoes simultaneously provide a perfect fit, protection, and support?  She lived happily ever after.  This isn’t a Cinderella story.  (What’s up with the references??)  It’s the result of four months of wearing Keen EVOFIT ONE sandals at every opportunity.

keen evofit one review


Keen isn’t new to making comfortable shoes.  They’ve always believed in giving feet a reasonable amount of space for toes and other anatomical oddities.  Heck, my dad hikes in Newports.  So they must be comfortable.

But with EVOFIT, Keen added a completely new dimension to fit.  EVOFIT knits a stretchy fiber into the body of the sandal.  There are a few advantages to this construction.  One, it stretches and moves with your foot, so there are no pressure points and no fit issues.  Two, Keen only uses the amount of fiber necessary to make the upper.  Because they aren’t cutting patterns, there is much less material wasted.  Three, knitting multiple fibers together means Keen can add specific functions to specific sections and use different patterns – some parts get stronger stretch, some parts get a more open knit for breathability, etc.

The knit is reinforced with TPU patches that add durability.  The EVOFIT ONE also uses Keens bungee lacing, updated to increase retention around the ankle.  The outsole uses Keen’s Aquagrip rubber to keep you stuck to whatever you’re standing on.  And, despite having a pretty thick midsole, Keen’s polyurethane formulation is ridiculously flexible, so you retain ground-feel.

Another bonus – each pair of EVOFIT ONE sandals is made in the USA, in Keen’s Portland facility.

Review: Keen EVOFIT ONE

The first thing you notice about these Keens is that they’re noticeable.  Everyone sees them immediately and comments on them.  Introverts, pick a color other than Lime Green.

Getting beyond the looks, though, you immediately notice the comfort.  If you’re into minimalist sandals like a Luna or Xero, don’t think that the EVOFIT ONEs aren’t for you.  The knit upper holds your foot like your mom is giving you a hug.  Despite weighing 13.3 oz (378g) each in a size 9.5, they don’t feel heavy at all.  Chalk that up to the upper distributing the weight so well across your entire foot.

Keen’s footbeds are legend and the EVOFIT ONE’s is no different.  My feet feel supported without any weird pressure anywhere.  Cleansport NXT treatment keeps the footbeds smelling fresh, which is good because despite what the specs on Keen’s website say, the footbed is not removable.

Even though the sole doesn’t look aggressive, lacking the sharp lugs of most trail shoes, these Keens stick to most anything.  The Aquagrip rubber is soft enough that it surrounds any topography on the ground and holds on tight.  Even so, after four months of use, I don’t notice any excessive wear on the outsoles.  So, sticky and durable.

keen evofit one review

What are the Keen EVOFIT ONEs good for?  Just about anything.  I’ve worn them hiking, to the office, and out to dinner in Vail.  (To be fair, you can get away with jeans at just about any spot in Vail.)  Because of the rubber and sole siping, they’re also good for water-related activities.  Keen treats the upper with a DWR to enhance it’s already-quick-drying abilities.  So, take them out on your SUP or wear them kayaking.  They’d even be perfect for sailing, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I did manage to break a thread in the heel loop while pulling them on one day.  The single thread snapping has expanded into a slow, Weezer-like destruction of that heel loop.  But, donning the shoes doesn’t require use of the heel loop, so no big deal.  In fact, one could consider it weight reduction.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always thought Keens sandals were sort of the anti-sandal.  They’re so built up and heavy.  But with the EVOFIT ONE, Keen upended my opinion.  The EVOFIT ONE is a phenomenally comfortable and useful sandal.  Looking silly makes it even better.

You can grab your own pair directly from Keen, available in both Men’s and Women’s models.  Both genders get three colors to choose from and everyone pays $130.