Get those stockings stuffed!

Matador Packable Gear

Matador makes some really cool gear that is extremely packable, yet very functional.  We loved the FlatPaKToiletryy Bottle, FlatPak Soap Case and FlatPak Toiletry Case.  Made of Cordura fabric for durability and waterproofness.  The toiletry case lets items dry out while in the case.  Same with the soap bar case.  Mind blown! Check out there other amazing gear here – Matador.

Matador FlatPak


BlackStrap Sun Sleeves and Daily Tube

Sun protection can come in the form of clothing as well as sunscreen.  We are big fans of the BlackStrap sun protection gear.  The sun sleeves are great for hiking and keeping your arms from getting cooked. The Daily Tube is great for keeping your neck and head from getting burned too.  Useful for fishing, hiking, and anytime you are outside – especially above tree line.  Plus, are made in the USA.  Sun Sleeve MSRP $21. Daily Tube MSRP$20 Check out their entire collection on Amazon.

BlackStrap Sun Protection – USA Made in the Shade

One Eleven Watches – Solar Power and Stylish

One Eleven makes some pretty stylish watches that are completely solar powered.  The batteries even last 10 years!  The SWII model (shown here) is made of 85% recycled materials (such as water bottles).  Slim profile and water resistant.  MSRP $125.  Check out more of their line up here.

One Eleven Watches


Tenacious Tape

Tape?  Yes, this tape.  Gear Aid Tenacious Tape is a crucial gear item.  It can fix a ripped jacket or pants.  Mend a tent. Patch a sleeping pad.  It works so well that every first aid kit, bug out bag and kitchen needs a roll of this.  Tenacious tape has saved more adventures than I can count.  Get your loved ones some.  Then get some more for yourself.  Stash it everywhere!  MSRP $5



If you care about the person you are getting gifts for, then at least get a good carabiner.  Seriously.  They come in handy for lots of things besides climbing.  This is one of my favorites. Black Diamond Screwgate MSRP $11

Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner

Kershaw Scallion Knife

Gifting a knife is a really special experience.  Almost a bond with the recipient.  Knowing that the knife will be put to use to open something up.  Whether it is just the mail, or something else, it is cool to think that they will remember you for the gift.  I get a little worked up on gifting knives, I know :). This is currently my favorite one to give.  Plus it is made in the USA.  MSRP $40

Kershaw’s Black Scallion

Tactical Pen

What is a tactical pen?  It is a legit pen that can be used to break glass, possibly a skull…. and they write surprisingly well!  This one writes so well that I use it more than any other pen.  If you really care about the person you could gift them the Kershaw knife from above and the pen.  “The pen is mightier than the sword” But if you have both…. You are set.  Personal favorite – Boker Plus Micarta MSRP $36


Boker Plus

Topo Designs Global Case $49

Basically a Trapper Keeper for adults, the Topo Designs Global Case is the gift you didn’t know you needed. Perfect for those on the go!


Icelantic One Degree Snapback cap $25

When it’s too warm outside to wear a beanie, hide your helmet hair with this classic ball cap with embroidered Icelantic logo.

Icelantic One Degree hat


Gogglesoc $14.95

You buy a case to protect your phone, why not your ski goggles? A great stocking stuffer for the shredder who has everything, Gogglesoc protects your lenses and your wallet.


Kari Traa Rothe beanie


$18.75 brings urban style to the mountains. Simple design and roll bottom that frames your face just right will make it your favorite beanie this season.

Kari Traa Rothe

Rumple Sherpa Blanket $189

Rumpl Sherpa Puffy Blanket – Your New Favorite Winter Blanket

Patagonia Updated Simple Fly Fishing

Yvonne and crew update the Tenkara fly fishing book.  Great gift for anyone getting into Tenkara! MSRP $16

Patagonia Updates Simple Fly Fishing Book

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