As a splitboarder, having good collapsible ski poles is a must. Ideally, they either compact into themselves or they collapse into 3 pieces and stay attached via a cable. The BCA Scepter 4S is of the latter category – and we like that. Not only do they collapse down small (16” when at their smallest) they also have some great features that make them a solid choice for splitboarders.

The poles are fully adjustable from 110cm – 130cm, so they really are one size fits all. We had female testers using them (5’4”) as well as taller guys and the Scepter worked for everyone. It is nice having the Lockjaw system securely hold the pole at the ideal height for the user. It is also nice if you are using a tarp for camping and need to have an adjustable pole to set your tarp up.

BCA Scepter 4S Splitboard Pole

The poles are made of 7075 aluminum and weight 10oz each. They have a nice foam grip and a section below the handle is foam covered as well, for when you are side-hilling and don’t want to keep adjusting the poles. We immediately cut the straps off (we don’t like ‘em) The powder basket is sizable and has cutouts to hold the other sections in place when they collapsed.

BCA Scepter 4S Splitboard Pole

We wish they 4S came with the Scepter Scraper grips Backcountry Access put on their other two models (Scepter Carbon and Scepter Aluminum), but these are still good poles. If you are looking for an adjustable trekking pole for all 4 seasons, this should be at the top of your list. Buy them here for  MSRP $119

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