How many of you love your snowboards so much that you want to hang them on your wall? Grassracks makes beautiful bamboo racks to hold your boards, skis, skateboards, surfboards, bike, kayak, SUP, wine and other gear. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to mount my snowboards and splitboards onto our living room wall. From hardware store hooks to shelves, nothing comes close to the aesthetic and function of the Grassracks Moloka’i.

The design is streamlined and the installation was simple. Each Grassracks rack comes with 2 racks and a mounting bar. You install the mounting bar on the wall, then hook the racks onto the bar. You can widen the racks as wide as the bar or as narrow as you want. In our case, I was mounting splitboards, so I needed some extra width (36” seemed about right) to accommodate the touring brackets on the splitboards. Grassracks worked with us to figure out the best way to mount the boards and figured out that having two mounting bars would allow us to create all the width I would need.

Previous to using the Grassracks set up, I had some hardware store hooks mounted into the studs. While this did work, it was a bit of an eye sore and was met with a disapproval from the wife. Enter the Grassracks Moloka’i and after patching up the holes from the hooks and a little paint, I had a completely upgraded system. As you can see from the photos, the Grassracks system is simple and very functional. The look of the rack is truly amazing. It gets compliments all the time. The model I used, Moloka’i Quad, can hold four boards with bindings. Heck, I currently have the rack holding six boards (two without bindings, stacked behind one another).

grassracks molokai bamboo snowboard rack review

Grassracks offer lots of other racks besides the Moloka’i. The wine rackwould make a nice addition to your kitchen and the bike rackcould be a nice solution for a studio apartment. The floating shelveswill probably be our next purchase!

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Hey, I am Sean - the co-founder of Engearment. We focus on mountain based gear - camping, skiing, splitboarding, snowboarding, hiking, etc. and a strong connection to the community. I am also a fitness professional - having created the Mountain Fitness School and building several fitness facilities around Denver. My heart is always in the mountains and I will do everything I can to help you get the right gear, train well and enjoy being outside.

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