The SPY Tackle Sunglasses are full coverage sunglasses that is built to deliver on your next adventure. These are not fashionable hipster shades! At first glance, we thought they were massive and going to be uncomfortable. Boy were we wrong.

SPY: Great Optics

spy optics tackle sunglasses review

SPY designed the Happy Lenses to cut out short wave blue light (the bad blue light) and let in the long wave blue light (good!). We have reviewed the Happy Lenses when we played with SPY’s Hunt Sunglasses. So we have a lot of experience with the lenses and really like them. The Tackle has the Happy Lens in an eight base polycarbonate ARC shape that truly wraps around your entire field of vision. Bonus – the lenses are polarized.

Review: SPY Optics Tackle

The wrap around lenses are perfect for any activity where you don’t want to have light coming in from the side. Think mountain biking, fishing, water sports, snow sports and pretty much anytime you don’t want the sides of your eyes exposed to extra light and wind. The lenses are so well placed that we could literally see complete coverage from side to side. Couple that with the grippy, yet comfortable, rubber nose pads and face hugging Grilamid frame and you have a strong performing sunglasses. You can attache a leash to the glasses via the cut outs on both sides as well. Making this a great water sports sunglasses.

You will not win any awards from trendy hipsters for wearing these shades. But that is ok, cause you are probably going to be doing something very fun while wearing these, while they will probably be debating about Kampuchea.  (Ed. Note: We believe Sean means kombucha here, and not the Khmer Rouge empire.  But, who really knows?  Hipsters talk about weird shit.)

Available in Happy Grey Green (tested) Happy Bronze with Dark Blue (we tested these lenses on the Hunt – love them)

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