FITS Socks – Quite Possibly the Best Ski and Hiking Sock Ever

All of us over here at Engearment have a sock drawer full of amazing socks.  I cleared out my sock drawer to make way for FITS socks now.  They are that good!

FITS Socks made in USA

made in the USA

What makes FITS Socks so good?

Start with high-quality materials. 18.5m Merino Wool, and other materials – hand made in the USA.  Through in the “Full Contact Fit” – comprised of “Full Contact Cuff”, “Heel Lock” and “Dynamic Toe Cup”.  Add in gradient compression that feels good and keeps the socks in place.

FITS Socks Full Contact Fit

Full Contact Fit

FITS Socks Gradient Compression

Gradient Compression

How do they feel compared to other socks?

It is hard to put into words.  I have been fortunate to test so many wonderful socks over the years.   I have had a few favorites and stuck to those as my go-to sock.  Once I tried the first pair of FITS on, I was in sock love.  To test them out, I wore them 3 days in a row (don’t tell my wife!)

FITS Sock light hiker

FITS Sock light hiker

Then I took the Medium Ski Sock out for a splitboard tour.  This is a more demanding test than day to day fitness use. One full day in of climbing up mountains and snowboarding down them, check.  I set up camp and slept in them then repeated the process on day two.  Heck, I even wore them the rest of the night back at home.  I was sold.

FITS Sock medium ski

FITS Sock medium ski

Finally, I tested the Compression Sock out.  Easily the most comfortable compression sock I have used. I even slept in them (warning – it is not a romantic look to sleep in OTC compression socks!)

FITS Sock Compression

FITS Sock Compression

Final Review of FITS Socks

If you have not figured out by now, I have officially become a BIG fan of FITS Socks. I will be phasing out my other socks to friends to make way for more FITS socks.  Yes, they are that good. Do yourself a favor and try a pair on.  I doubt you will regret it. I can get behind a comfortable sock that works this well.

Full Contact Fit

Full Contact Fit

Military and First Responders Discount

If you are one of the brave men and women out there risking your lives to save others, then FITS wants to honor you with 25% off your socks.  Read more about that here.

Were to buy FITS Socks

Fortunately, FITS Socks are readily available at your favorite stores.  REI,, and Moosejaw carry the full line of FITS socks for men, women, and children. Get some!

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