Mammut has a New Firmware Upgrade for Barryvox Beacons – BarryHeart 3.4

Brand new update for Mammut Barryvox avalanche beacons. BarryHeart 3.4 includes optimized resolution and improved sound to help with a more intuitive search.

BarryHeart 3.4

The BarryHeart 3.4 firmware upgrade makes searching for avalanche buried subjects using the market-leading Barryvox avalanche transceiver even faster and more intuitive. The upgrade includes improved sound quality and optimized resolution of amplifying stages in alternative search mode, optimized battery recognition, a software update for connecting devices to the service portal as well as additional improvements through its performance boost feature.

In an avalanche situation, every second counts. It is all the more important that avalanche transceivers are absolutely intuitive to operate and that they function flawlessly in the most challenging exceptional situations. To reduce search times, the new BarryHeart 3.4 upgrade ensures even easier operation of the Barryvox avalanche transceiver, which is developed and produced entirely in Switzerland, and optimal alignment to needs in emergency situations.

BarryHeart 3.4

BarryHeart 3.4

The alternative search mode option on the Barryvox S is used when a clear separation of multiple buried subjects is no longer possible in standard digital mode. This shows the distance and direction to the avalanche transceiver with the strongest signal and produces an analog search tone.

The sound quality has been improved for this mode and the resolution of the amplifying stages optimized. This guarantees even more reliable differentiation between avalanche transceivers during the analog sound check. The total number of different tone sequences indicates the number of buried subjects and provides the foundation of the analog sound check.

To further optimize the Barryvox’s power supply, battery recognition and support with alkaline batteries with high output voltage have both been improved. This ensures a reliable indication of the battery capacity of both alkaline and lithium (Barryvox S) batteries, even in low temperatures.

A software update for the w-link communication protocol ensures an even more stable connection between Barryvox devices and the service portal. This service software enables wireless communication with a high number of Barryvox devices and makes their management, configuration and upgrading easier.

The performance of additional functionalities is also enhanced by the BarryHeart 3.4 firmware upgrade for Barryvox and Barryvox S. This ensures optimized detection of signals outside the standard period duration and improves the structuring of the list of buried subjects for transmitters with continuous carrier signals.

The firmware upgrade can easily be carried out from device to device, independently of network or service point access, as soon as a Barryvox is updated in a community. BarryHeart 3.4 is available now and can be installed free of charge at MAMMUT Service Centers, Avalanche Safety Centers and in specialist retail stores.

Detailed information about the BarryHeart firmware upgrade 3.4 can be found here:


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