Patagonia Preview at Outdoor Retailer 2018 – Mountain Biking kit, Recycled Goretex, Danner Fly Fishing boots and more!


Patagonia Preview at Outdoor Retailer 2018 – Mountain Biking kit, Recycled Goretex, Danner Fly Fishing boots and more!

Usually, companies have just a few new products to show at OR, but Patagonia had several new product lines to show us!

Recycled Goretex and other jackets

Patagonia leveraged their relationship with Goretex in a good way (and good for all of us!).  They now have recycled Goretex rain jackets and other offerings to share with the world.  Once Patagonia does this, the rest of the industry will start following along.  This benefits everyone.  It is not just limited to Goretex products either.  Patagonia is now using recycled fishnets for some rain jacket.  Awesome!

R1 20th Anniversary – And a sweet update!

The R1 celebrates 20 years of adventure and in doing so, Patagonia plans to showcase stories from ambassadors and their adventures in the R1.  That should be a good read!  The new R1 will feature R1 and R.5 for more breathability.  This should improve the versatility of the already established garment.

Patagonia + Danner Boots Collab- The perfect Fly Fishing boot collaboration

Patagonia teamed up with USA boot maker Danner to create handmade, high end, lifetime lasting fly fishing boots.  There are a few options, so fly fishers of all areas will benefit from this collab.

Patagonia Houdini Air – The iconic wind jacket gets a breathability update!

The Houdini is one of those pieces of kit that always finds it’s way on our adventures.  The thing that we would have liked to change is the breathability and possibly even the feel of the fabric. When we were testing the Nano Air line of jackets, we thought that Patagonia should offer the shell in a basic form.  Well, those fantasies have been answered!  Introducing the Houdini Air.  5 ounces of packable wind protection, but now with softer hand feel and 20CFM of breathability.  We can not wait to use this!

Patagonia enters the Mountain Bike clothing world with the Endless Ride bib and Dirt Roamer Softshell

We wondered when they would offer some mountain bike kit and they seem to have nailed it.  The Endless Ride Bib is a versatile bib with lots of pockets and well thought out features like a taller waist and non-leg hair grabbing cuffs. The Dirt Roamer Softshell really stands out as a great jacket with very impressive breathability – 40CFM!

Patagonia Trail Running Kit – Long Haul Vest

Trail runners rejoice!  The Long Haul trail running vests come in two sizes and feature several well thought out pockets and water storage pockets.  Taking some notes from the Nine Trails backpack line for breathability in the back panels.

Hemp shirts that don’t itch

Hemp is a great resource and can produce numerous products.  In this case shirts.  Problem with some hemp shirts is that they can be a bit rough and itchy.  Patagonia noticed this and created a softer feeling fabric.

Wet/Dry bag – Keep Them Separated

With all this new gear from Patagonia, you are going to need a way to carry it all!  Let’s say you went fly fishing with those nice Danner collab boots and want to go for a hike afterward.  Grab one of these wet/dry bags and stick the wet boots in one part and your hiking kit in the other.  Or, for families playing at the pool or lake, these make good storage options for kids wet clothes and clean clothes.

Lots of cool gear from Patagonia

As you just read and watched, there was a lot going on in the Patagonia booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2018!  We will have reviews up on several of these peices as soon as samples are available.


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