#teamwigwam Brand Ambassadors Selected for 2019


#teamwigwam Brand Ambassadors Selected for 2019


Sheboygan, WI. (February 20, 2019) Wigwam Mills Inc., the family-owned maker of premium, made-in-the-USA socks since 1905, announces it has selected ten individuals to join #teamwigwam, Wigwam’s 2019 brand ambassador program.


“We are so excited to work with this crop of ambassadors this year,” said Thomas Wheeler, President & CEO, Wigwam Mills. “The wide range of individuals and their interests goes to show the versatility of our products and the brand support we have across many categories.”


#teamwigwam members will showcase their love of Wigwam through social media, as well as blog posts on wigwam.com. They will receive socks to wear for their adventures, as well as support for any local organizations they are involved in.


#teamwigwam – 2019

  • Chasity Bussey, Georgia, @chasmarie77 – After retiring from a 20-year career in the Navy and becoming a stay-at-home-mom for the first time, Chasity took up running as a way to deal with post-partum blues and to clear her head. Now she logs 20-30 miles a week and is training for an upcoming women’s’ marathon.


  • Ed Chapman, UK, @trail_ed – Ed is turning 65 in June and will celebrate by running the number of miles to match each day – 465 files total in the month of June. He loves to run along the coast of the UK in particular. When not on the run, Ed volunteers for an organization which takes disadvantaged youth to the UK countryside for a week at a time to enjoy the outdoors.


  • Nelson Brown, moving from New Hampshire to Alaska, @nelson_brown – Nelson has been working as a parks and recreation assistant director overseeing programming, summer camp and events, but he is about to make a big life transition. In April he will be moving to Steward, Alaska to become a Kayak Guide.


  • Nathan Hall, Mississippi, @runmississippi – Running is Nathan’s life. He started running in high school and now coaches cross country at the same school from which he graduated. He runs with his wife and two kids and has completed 37 marathons, 5 ultra-marathons, a half ironman (“just for fun”) and numerous other races. Nathan’s next race is a 10K in which he will push a partner in a wheelchair!


  • Catherine Kennedy, California, – A forester by trade, Cathy is an avid hiker, backpacker, snowshoer, kayaker and wildflower hunter whenever she has time off. She has a big goal this year, the 52 Hike Challenge, to do 52 hikes in a year.


  • Gordon MacArthur, British Columbia, @gord_mcarthur – As a competitive ice climber, Gordon has earned the title of North American Champion in 2014 and 2016 and is seeking a third title for 2019. He’s climbed the hardest routes in the world and demonstrated ice climbing as a potential medal sport at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.


  • Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness Team (@coyotepeterson, @bravewilderness) Coyote is well known for his captivating videography and factual representation of animals in the wild, which appeal to youngsters of all ages and encourage the next generation of outdoor explorers and conservationists.


  • Jarrod Seavey, Massachusetts, @jarrodseavey – Jerrod grew up competing in snowboard slopestyle and rail jam contests and rode in College taking 7th overall in the nation. He’s since graduated but still loves snowboarding. He’s a commercial fisherman to afford the sport, and plans on teaching snowboarding on Mount Hood, Oregon this summer.


  • Samantha Starns, Oregon, @sphotographyco – As an outdoor wedding photographer, Sam can’t be distracted by uncomfortable feet during a shoot, and as an avid equestrian, snowboarder and backpacker, she won’t settle for anything less than a proven performance sock. Wigwam is her go-to sock all the time!


  • Andrew Wise, Colorado, @britzruns – Andrew, a distance runner, is looking for his perfect “lucky pair of socks” which he will save for important races and going for a qualifying time for the 2020 Olympic Trials. However, he has a lot more than luck going for him. Last December at Western Washington University, he set the second fastest 3000m steeplechase time in the school’s history.

In addition to the ten new members of #teamwigwam, Chad Brown (@_chadbrown_,), Jamie Bradford (@Wisconsin_Farmhouse), Jonnah Perkins (@TheUltraFarmer), and Carol Dellinger (@caroldellinger), will continue as 2019 Platinum Level Wigwam Ambassadors.


Grab some Wigwam socks here!


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