KEEN Newport – 15 Years of Toe Protecting Sandals

KEEN Newport – 15 years of toe protecting adventure sandals

KEEN Newport

KEEN introduced the Newport sandals in 2003. The founders had an idea for a sandal that can protect your toes.  Would the idea of a sandal with a large toe cap catch on?  Well, 15 years later and millions of sandals out in the world, I think it is safe to say that they nailed the design.

The KEEN Newport is an iconic design that features a large toe tap that wraps around the entire front end of the sandal.  It even features a small caution sign, in case you forget that KEEN has your toes protected.  The open design and robust materials tend to last for years or abuse.  These are not your average sandals.  Their thick soles and grippy tread are at home on the hiking trail, camp or everyday use.

KEEN Newport

KEEN Newport Retro – Tie-dye celebration

To celebrate 15 years of Newport sandals, KEEN released the Newport Retro.  Tie die graphics on the classic adventure sandal.  They feature waterproof materials so you can use them while rafting or water sports.  The midsole is cushioned EVA and the “Metamocal” footbed offers plenty of arch support.  Like many KEEN’s, the footbed is wider and allows our foot to naturally relax.

KEEN Newport

KEEN Newport Hemp – As natural as it gets

KEEN is big on using recycled materials.  The Hemp version of the Newport is a good example.  Made of hemp fiber, upcycled rice husks in the outsole and PFC are durable water repellent treatment.  The look is obviously very natural and basic.  Almost the opposite of the Retro version.  Though, personally, I like the natural look.

KEEN Newport

Newport sandals shared features

Newport sandals feature razor siping tread and multi-directional lugs for good traction.  The secure fit lace capture system is easy to adjust by pulling on the cord and tucking it back away.   The thick soles protect feet from small objects that other sandals would not.  Bonus – they are machine washable.

Style – Classic and bold

Once you see KEEN Newport for the first time, they definitely elicit some questions.  Are those comfortable?  Does the toe box really work?  The first time I saw them was early 2000’s an outdoor event.  I was not sure what to make of them.  Curious, I asked the man wearing what they were all about.  He enthusiastically went on about how much he and his wife love them.  That is always a good sign for a product.  If you are cool with the look, then you should proudly rock these sandals.

KEEN Newport

Comfort and protection

Newports are not light sandals.  They come in at ~1lb each.  They do offer absurd about of foot protection though.  Can you flip-flop do that?  Summer is hot, shoes are hot, sandals are not.  The Newport offers a good middle ground of foot protection and airy feel.  You can be a CEO at a picnic and these fit in.  You can be a dirtbag and these fit in.  Heck, my mother in law wears them. She just got back from Machu Picchu, were she and her husband wore them on their journey.  From everyday use to mountain adventures, wet or dry, the Newport delivers.

Men’s Newport $109

Women’s Newport $99

Kids Newport $49

Men’s Newport Retro $99

Men’s Newport Hemp $99

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