Kelty Journey Perfectfit Elite Backpack First Impressions

Kelty Journey Perfectfit Elite Backpack without kid

Kelty Journey Perfectfit Elite Backpack First Impressions 1

Kelty Journey Perfectfit Elite Backpack First Impressions

Initial impressions: Outstanding build quality, adventure focused and designed to include kids on your outdoor trips. Ability to store and carry all the additional snacks, diapers, gear, water, needed to takes kids into the outdoors.
Things that jump out immediately are the Kelty labeled ‘drool pad’ and ‘dirty pocket’, foot stirrups, and various heavy-duty grab handles.

Drool Pad

For those that have little ones, drool and spit up are no joke. Kelty designed in a thick drool pad that is removable for washing after a hiking session. Right and 2-6-month-old mouth height, this becomes a nice nap face pad for older ones as they develop head and neck control.

Dirty Pocket, keep it clean

The Elite model we are testing includes a ‘dirty pocket’ that is quick to access and wipe down for diaper and wipes storage….. or other nasty stuff kids get into or make on the trail.
foot stirups

Foot Stirrups

The foot stirrups and assorted heavy-duty grab handles made us realize they Kelty did their homework with the design. Foot stirrups allow kids to self adjust, stand up and reposition mid-hike without having to stop. And the grab handles are amazing.
Chasing after the little ones, trying to finalize packing gear, or trail shenanigans all tend to need a quick reaction from moms and dads where you grab the nearest strap, leg, arm, you can get a hold of. Kelty’s given the Journey Perfectfit 6 of these grab handles in addition to the shoulder straps and torso adjustment points. MSRP $299
We’ll post an end of season review and updated impressions as we start to log more miles in the National Parks and local Front Range trails here across Colorado.


Mike Opland

Mike Opland resting on a mountain

Mike Opland chilling in the alpine

Mike is an aeronautical engineer, father, road and mountain biker and all around badass.  Fun fact, he is also the 2nd place Red Bull World Champion for Paper Airplanes.  Not making that up.  Do NOT challenge him to a paper plane competition, unless you want to lose!

Mike builds rockets, sensors and all sorts of things that hurt our brain to think about.  He is damn smart and good with his hands.  We once built an impromptu rocket out of a beer can and fire.  It was quite the party trick!

When Mike is not on dad duty or building things to go into space, he enjoys working on his 1940s Ford truck, named Atlas.  We have enjoyed more camping adventures with Mike and his wife Brandi than we can count. If you get a chance to have a beer with Mike, ask him about the escaped donkey of Vail Pass.


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