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REI evrgrn

While we’re big fans of backpacking here at Engearment, we also like to periodically take our less outdoorsy friends into the woods for a night of whiskey, fire-grilled meat, and, if we haven’t passed out, s’mores.  Over the years, we’ve built up a collection of gear aimed at comfort.  This is the type of gear that we’d never carry on our backs over long distances, but we’ll toss it in the back of the truck an unload it at a campsite.  There aren’t really many companies that focus on what we’ll call, for convenience, lifestyle camping™.  (Not really trademarked!)

That’s all about to change.  For better or worse?  We’ll say better.

(If you need help getting set up for lifestyle camping™, comfort camping, urban camping, or any other type of camping, our Camping Gear Concierge can set you up with the perfect gear.)

REI announces a new brand – evrgrn – focused on being out in the woods in comfort.  “easy comfort and great friends who make the good times even better,” they say!  We say, yes.  Please.  More.  Now.

Solo, ultralight camping is a phenomenal way to recharge and reconnect with the planet.  Comfort camping out of your car with a group of your best friends is a great way to have a damn good time.

REI evrgrn Campfire RockerREI evrgrn Campfire Rocker

According to REI, “it rocks!” The punny is painful, but we love it.

The evrgrn line launches with the Campfire Rocker.  For $99 retail, you get a rocking chair that disassembles for easy transport.  There’s a small pocket on the side to stash “stuff.”  We’ll leave the nature of that stuff to you.  REI says it’s made from durable, easy-to-clean materials.  Best of all, for our style of lifestyle camping at least, it’s only 10″ off the ground.  The Campfire Rocker will come in five different colorways, including the orange, above and weighs 5 lb 9 oz when packed up in its carry sack.

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The evrgrn line will become even better when REI starts selling us the rest of the upcoming products, starting with (we feel like Bob Barker here) – a backpack cooler!

REI evrgrn evergreen 24 pack backpack cooler

You put your beer in there, man.

The backpack cooler holds 24 cans in its waterproof, insulated liner and has straps for your blanket and a pocket for your folding table (see below).  The pack, itself, has a volume of 35.5 liters and weighs 1 lb 14 oz.  The cooler insert can suck up 24.5 liters and weighs 13 oz.

REI evrgrn evergreen 24 pack backpack coolerREI evrgrn evergreen 24 pack backpack cooler

You can remove the liner and use the pack solo.  The backpack cooler will retail for $75.

If you’re bringing all those cans along, you’ll need a place to set up dinner.  REI offers the evrgrn center stage rug ($65, 58″ x 77″, 5 lb 5 oz).  You get a padded blanket with a durable, waterproof bottom layer to keep the muck out.  Unfold your evrgrn picnic table ($70, 18.5″ x 18″ x 5.75″, 5 lb 8 oz) and set it on the rug, cover it with the evrgrn cluster tablecloth($20, 72″ x 54.25″, 10 oz), surround it with some evrgrn grounded cushions ($35 each, 18″ x 18″ x 6″, 1 lb 13 oz), and you and your friends are ready to play drinking games.  We recommend Exploding Kittens.  (That’s a card game.  We’re not budding serial killers.)


REI evrgrn evergreen center stage rug

The evrgrn center state rug


REI evrgrn evergreen picnic table

Folding Picnic Table


REI evrgrn evergreen picnic table

Folded, fits in backpack cooler pocket


REI evrgrn evergreen picnic table

evrgrn grounded cushion


REI evrgrn evergreen picnic table

Did we mention the hidden sleeve? Two more cans!


The evrgrn lowboy lantern ($30, 6.4 oz, 10 hrs at 30 lumens on 3 AAA batteries) will keep you from stumbling around, no matter your nocturnal wanderings, or will keep the party going long after sunset.

REI evrgrn evergreen lowboy lantern

When you’ve had enough, retire to the evrgrn downtime hammock($130, 91″ x 38″ x 27.25″, 6 lb 12 oz) with a friend, special or not.  The hammock comes with everything you need, minus trees, to set up – no need to buy extra straps – and comes with two pockets for magazines, books, speakers, etc.  It looks to us that the hammock is designed for sideways lounging, but we bet you could enjoy a lengthwise snooze too.

REI evrgrn evergreen downtime hammock

Comes in three colors – this and the orange and blue above.

If you’re really done for the night, unstuff your evrgrn crash sack ($119) inside of the evrgrn starry night tent ($250) and zonk out.  The crash sack has a 45° rating and comes in short, regular and tall (72″ – 2 lb 3 oz, 78″ – 2 lb 5 oz, 84″ – 2 lb 7 oz, respectively).  The starry night tent weighs 8 lb 10 oz and has a 90″ x 60″ floor and peak height of 46″.  That’s a roomy 2-person tent!

REI evrgrn evergreen crash sack
REI evrgrn evergreen starry night tent

The crash sack features synthetic insulation, so it’ll keep you warm if you spill on it, and internal pockets to store small things.  It also has zipped arm and leg holes so you can wear the sack around camp – in case you need to relieve yourself in the middle of the night or see how that hotty your friend brought along is sleeping.  If the latter mission is a success, the starry night tent has ample room for two, and you can exit gracefully out of your own large door in the morning – there’s one on each side.  If Operation Cuddle Puddle is a failure, you can always roll the rainfly back on your own tent and look at the stars.

Finally, if you have some extra stuff to carry to camp, toss it in the evrgrn sum tote ($25).  Fully lined and open-topped, the sum tote has a small pocket to keep keys and phones from disappearing into the bottom.

REI evrgrn evergreen sum tote
REI evrgrn evergreen sum tote

The sum tote carries 27.6 liters of stuff and weighs 1.1 lbs.


All of the REI evrgrn gear will be available on May 26 except for the rocker, which you can order now.  We’ve reached out to REI for some samples to try out and we’ll get reviews up when we can.

evrgrn line 2

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