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2016 Holiday Gift Guide – SLOPE

Ah, schussing. Is there any better feeling? No, we didn't make up that word. It's German or something. Point is, this is the perfect time - gear-wise - to upgrade or fill out your quiver. The latest skis and boards just dropped. Binding tech is better than ever. Even ski poles are in a renaissance. If you haven't looked at new plank(s) in a while, now's the time!
PoleClinometer Review 5

PoleClinometer Review and Inclinometer Comparison

PoleClinometer Review 5After a few weeks of being overly-excited about snow and forgetting our responsibilities, we finally set out on Sunday with the specific purpose of testing out the PoleClinometer and comparing it to some of the more popular inclinometers on the market. That's not to say we didn't get in some epic turns as well, but we'll get to those in another post. First, the inclinometers!