Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety Set Review

An affordable kit that does it all, the Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety set ($419) has everything you need for safe backcountry travel. I decided to upgrade my previous kit to a new one as technology has advanced and a lot of the newer transceivers are boasting improved search ranges. No one should enter backcountry terrain without a beacon (transceiver) shovel, and probe.

Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety Set – Gear

Black Diamond Recon BT transceiver 

 The transceiver is the most important part of any backcountry kit, and the Recon BT is a great one! It boasts a search range of 60m and has proven that in my testing, and safety drills. It operates on 3 AAA batteries providing 200 hours of juice in send mode. The recon is compact yet easy to use weighing in at 7.4 oz and having dimensions of 4.5”x2.9”x1.1” I barely notice it on my person. 

Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety Set - Black Diamond Ski Gear









 It is very simple in design and easy to use. The slide lock for send and search hangs up a bit at first but after a few days of use, it frees right up. It locks exceptionally well and I don’t see it switching between modes on accident ever occurring. The flag button is appropriately sized and easy to use with gloves on. I am also a fan of the Bluetooth connectivity to allow easy connection to the phone app and makes updating a breeze. 


Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety Set - Josh Jesperson and Will Coleman touring in the backcountry

Josh Jesperson and Will Coleman touring in the backcountry – pic credit Isaiah Boyle

 All in all, I think this is an excellent option for an avalanche transceiver. Black Diamond made a great decision by using Pieps as their manufacturer. Proven design and operation equals a great product.



Black Diamond Quickdraw 280 Tour Probe

There are a couple of things I look for in a probe. Those are ease of deployment and clear markings. The Quickdraw has both of those features and it is performing properly. The aluminum construction means it is both lightweight yet super-durable weighing in at only 12oz. It packs away quickly and easily and fits in all of the packs I own. The 280cm length has been my go-to for as long as I can remember. The oversized alloy tip provides great sensitivity when probing. This probe simply does its job and does it well!

Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety Set - Black Diamond Ski Gear






Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel

The Black Diamond Transfer 3 has a redesigned blade allowing for smoother pit walls for snow studies. It features an extendable removable handle that allows for easy packability yet enough length for deep pits. This shovel moves quite a bit of snow with a small footprint, I’ve been ultimately happy with it. It is super durable and that comes with a small price as it weighs in at 1lb 8oz. The transfer works great in a variety of conditions and makes a great addition to any kit.

Black Diamond Recon BT Avy Safety Set - Black Diamond Ski Gear


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