Will Coleman

So you want to start climbing?!

Climbing is reaching an all-new high in America and going mainstream. Free solo debuted in theaters nationwide and brought on a different perspective of modern climbing. The sport is also set to debut in the 2020 Olympics. A lot of people including myself are getting into climbing later in life. I started at the age of 24. Many of my partners are getting into it in their mid-30s. Thus proving it’s never too late to jump into an active hobby!

Am I physically able?

One of the biggest concerns about getting into climbing later in life is “Am I physically able?” Well, I can attest that climbing, in my opinion, is one of the best physical activities for a full body workout. You can start out easy and progress into harder climbing all while enjoying yourself. Most people start in the climbing gym and then progress outside. Outside climbing brings in more exercise. Approach to the climbs while carrying gear is great exercise. When I first started climbing I dropped 10lbs a month.

Will Coleman

Breaking into the scene

Another concern with starting climbing is “Breaking into the scene” What I have observed with climbing is the community is open arms to everyone. If you’re the social type I would look into local climbing clubs. You can find info on these by searching social media and your local gym. Once you start climbing you’ll want to become a valuable partner, I suggest learning as many skills as possible from a trusted mentor or local guiding company. Bringing skills to the table not only helps ensure you and your partners’ safety but also makes you a desirable partner.

Will Coleman

How to start climbing

Now it’s time to get started! You’ll want to visit a climbing gym and learn some basics. You’ll also want the bare minimums to get started which would be a pair of climbing specific shoes and a chalk bag! (Bouldering) if you’re ready to tackle the ropes you’ll also need a harness and belay device. Check out these great resources for more info!

Pikes Peak Alpine School

American Alpine Club

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