Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt Review

Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt

Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt

Kate Agathon

The Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt is a must-have for recreating outdoors in all environments.

Constructed from SUNsoft 4-way stretch fabric, the Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt is packed with technology (UPF 50+ UV rated; highly breathable; quick dry; and antimicrobial) to meet every adventure you have: on the water, on the mountains, in the desert.

Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt

Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt


I most recently wore the Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt on a hike at Cataract Lake; a hike where there were several exposed sections, dense tree groves, rushing mountain water, and a bit of some boggy and very bug-infested areas.


It’s a bit heavier fabric than what I’m used to in a performance sun shirt, but it wasn’t a deal breaker.


In fact, the shirt worked well in all the conditions. I was surprised that I spent an entire day outside and I didn’t smell. Nor was I sweaty.


Note that the shirt runs a bit long. Because I’m petite, it fits practically like a tunic. Also, note that I am in between a small size and a medium. I went with the medium, which may or may not have been the right choice.


When I have that dilemma with any baselayers or form-fitting clothing, I usually opt for the medium. However, it was probably a mistake because it was baggy in places where it shouldn’t be and tight in the places that I didn’t want to accentuate (my midsection). If you are like me and in between sizes, I  would recommend getting a smaller size.

Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt

Blackstrap Brackish Top Hooded Sunshirt

The Blackstrap Brackish Hooded Sunshirt performs well, has nice graphics (kudos for the subtle topo design), and checks all the technology and wear and care boxes for a great performance shirt. The only problem is that it just didn’t fit me well. It shouldn’t be a deterrent for others, just a word of caution before ordering.


Key features:


  • Made in the USA

  • SUNsoft 4-way stretch fabric

  • Lens safe (I loved this for wiping down mucky sunglass lenses)

  • UPF 50+ UV Rated (Blocks 97.5% of harmful UV rays)

  • Highly breathable, ultra-lightweight, quick dry, naturally antimicrobial, machine washer/dryer friendly & chlorine/salt resistant

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