Give’r Classic Gloves – Hard Working and Good Looking


Give’r makes some really great gloves and mittens. We tested the Frontier Mitten last year and the Engearment Team really looked them. This summer and fall I tested the do-it-all Give’r Classic gloves.

Give’r Classic Glove

Work gloves see a lot of use.  From moving wood to tending a fire, to planting roses. I really enjoy a nice pair of leather work gloves.  The Give’r Classic is like the Cadillac of work gloves.  Are they work gloves?  Yes, 100% capable work gloves.  But, they look super shard too!

Give'r Classic Glove

Give’r Classic Glove

Weather sealed

Not all work gloves are weather-sealed, so this is usually the first thing I do when I get a pair.  Well, Give’r went ahead and did this ahead of time, and did a better job than I would have done LOL.  Sure, you can get some leather gloves at the hardware store and add some Sno Seal to them.  Nothing wrong with that.  But Give’r really over-delivers on the weather sealing and looks of these Classic gloves.

Lined warmth

There is a nice, soft lining on the Classic gloves. This is a nice alternative to the feel of the inside of many other leather gloves.  This adds a bit of warmth to these gloves and has allowed me to use these in temps below freezing.  Though I am still able to use them on warmer days when helping my wife plant flowers and veggies.

All-around performance

I have had a favorite pair of camp gloves for a few years.  The Give’r Classic is replacing those, so that speaks volumes.  I have enjoyed using these in the city for chores, in the mountains while camping or felling trees, and even while driving on cold mornings.  Plus, they still look great!  I would recommend the Classic gloves for anyone looking for a very good leather work glove.  Stay tuned for our review of the 4 Season glove during this upcoming winter!

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