Krimson Klover Stevie Jacket – Funky Print and Playful Textures

Kate Agathon

For early fall, Krimson Klover is channeling the 1960s retro vibe with funky prints and playful textures.

Krimson Klover Stevie Jacket review

Perhaps the most understated piece of the season, the Krimson Klover Stevie jacket is like a fuzzy moto jacket accented with contrasting knitted retro striped side panels and trim along the bottom.

Krimson Klover Stevie Jacket
Krimson Klover Stevie Jacket


Featuring side zip pockets lined with KK signature ski print that matches the interior, the Stevie is a fairly simple jacket that was designed for snuggly, fashion fun.


Now is the perfect time to wear it- when there is just enough autumn chill in the mountains where you want something that will keep you warm and looking fashionable.


I liked popping the collar so that I could feel its cozy, soft fleece up against my neck on chilly nights. I also liked the stretchy knitted panels and the retro accents.


The jacket did rise slightly higher than I’m used to (again, echoing a more retro vibe), but the wide knitted panel along the bottom helped me to rock that cropped look without looking like a middle-aged fashion victim.


The poly faux fur attracted a lot of lint, so I did have to make sure that it was shaken down or gone over with a lint roller before leaving. Also, I took care to store it inside out (on the hanger too) because I own an Australian Cattle Dog that sheds everywhere.


A cross between urban chic and mountain culture, the Stevie jacket won’t keep you warm and dry from extreme conditions, but that’s not what it was designed for.


To me, it was meant for social occasions in mountain towns where I want to upgrade my look from my usual puffy hoody.


Wear it to Oktoberfest. Wear it to brunch or happy hour. You’ll stay cozy and look chic.

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