Patagonia Cap Cool Merino – Perfect Combo of Comfort and Durabilty

Patagonia Cap Cool Merino

Patagonia Cap Cool Merino – Perfect Combo of Comfort and Durability

The new Patagonia Cap Cool Merino wool shirt is a perfect combination of comfort, performance, durability, and sustainability. I have been hoping for this shirt from them for years.  It is no secret that I love merino wool shirts and base layers.  The Cap Cool Merino seems to be the perfect mix.

Merino wool, done right

I have a lot of wool shirts.  In fact, most of my shirts are wool.  I am a big fan of wool for a lot of reasons.  It feels good on the skin.  You can wear it back to back days without it stinking.  Wool is a natural material and is sustainable.  Clothes made of wool last for years.  Much longer than most synthetic garments. This short is 65% merino and 35% recycled polyester.

Patagonia style

I dig the look of this shirt in a lot of ways.  It is not too tight (thank goodness!) it drapes well and has a nice little flare where the front and the back meet.  Kind of like a polo shirt. It is the little things like that which make me appreciate the shirt a little more.

Patagonia Cap Cool Merino

Patagonia Cap Cool Merino

I did not want to take it off

How I test merino wool shirts it very simple.  I just use them non stop until my wife demands that I stop wearing the same shirt.  An average testing day usually has several activities in it.  I am a fitness coach, so I spend several hours demonstrating exercises and moving around a lot.

Between coaching sessions, I get my own workout in.  This is usually 30-40 minutes of legitimate high-intensity training.  Swinging kettlebells, pullups, deep squats, heavy presses, and all the other good movements.

After all of that, I get to take our dogs to the mountains for them to run around and explore.  Often (2 times a week) we camp and get hikes in.  I usually sleep in a shirt as well.  So even more time to test this Cap Cool out.

After 5 days straight of using this shirt, it still did not stink.  The only brake the Cap Cool saw was when I showered.  Then it was back to testing!  While I can not say that I always smelled good, the shirt did not seem to stink.  And that is why I love Merino wool!

Fit and function

I was sent a size large for testing.  95% of the time I am an XL in shirts.  Somehow the large fit perfectly.  For reference, I am 6’1″ 205lb 45″ chest and 33″ waist.  This was the first time in a long time that a large fit me this well.  I hope that helps you with sizing!

Patagonia Cap Cool Merino Review

As much as I love all my merino shirts, the Cap Cool Merino is now my favorite! When these become available (they are not availabe at the time of this review) I will be stocking up on these!  If you appreciate merino shirts as well, you will really dig the Patagonia Cap Cool Merinio shirt.


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