Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Kate Agathon

Get ready for early fall with the standard-fit Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket!

With the prime aspen leaf-peeping season in the high country upon us, cyclists and drivers will soon be taking over the mountain passes to take in the spectacular fall scenery.

Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Wearing high-visibility clothing is essential for cyclists because it draws attention to our presence; especially when roads are congested with leaf peepers who may not be looking for cyclists.

The Barrier jacket is must-have fall apparel for its focus on safety.  Not only does the high-visibility bright neon yellow help cyclists stand out, but the 360-degree reflective details (awesome deco print!) and the wide reflective detail along the rear bottom really calls attention.

I recently wore the BioViz Barrier jacket over a cycling jersey and some arm warmers on a ride up Swan Mountain. Despite the cold day, it got pretty hot on the ascent, so I was thankful for the two-way zipper ventilation.

Additionally, the standard-fit draped comfortably over what I was wearing underneath and wasn’t too tight.

One notable thing that did happen the day I debuted the BioViz Barrier jacket: compliments. On a day when half the cyclists were wearing high-visibility apparel, I thought I’d just be part of the crowd.


Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

I received more than a few compliments, with one fellow cyclist telling her husband how much she liked it and wanted to buy the exact one. This is the first time I’ve not only received multiple compliments but one that was directed on a single item of cycling apparel that I was wearing!

Another female cyclist was wearing the matching Pearl Izumi Select Escape graphic cycling jersey and hollered, “Nice jacket!” as she flew on by.

I repeat I’ve never previously been complimented multiple times on a single piece of cycling attire. And, I have to admit, I went out and bought that very same matching jersey the next day.

In my opinion, what makes the BioViz Barrier jacket unique is its clever reflective deco print strategically placed throughout the jacket. Stylish and not over-the-top, the print makes the jacket stand out among its competitors.

The one thing that I thought was lacking was the number of pockets. Although there is a rear pocket in the back, there are none to be had in the front. I like the convenience of front pockets and I don’t think it would have interfered with the aesthetic of the BioViz Barrier jacket.

Due to the lack of pockets, I think the BioViz Barrier jacket is more for quick jaunts; particularly in comparison to the Pearl Izumi Quest Barrier convertible jacket that is built more for practicality.

Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket

Key features:

  • Ripstop polyester fabric made from 100% recycled material, with a durable water-repellent finish

  • Large front, side, and rear BioViz® reflective print for maximum 360-degree low-light visibility

  • A two-way zipper allows ventilation from top or bottom

  • Silicone rear gripper to hold the jacket in place while in the riding position

  • Dual side hem cord locks to adjust fit at the waist

  • Rear pocket for essentials

  • Standard fit

I tried this jacket out around the same time I was testing the high visibility Pearl Izumi Quest Barrier convertible jacket. I liked them both for different reasons; kind of like when I was in high school and considering two different prom dresses. Both looked good, both for very different reasons.

If you’re looking for a show stopper jacket that keeps you visible and stylish this fall, the Pearl Izumi BioViz Barrier jacket is the one you want.

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