SeaTec Outfitters Sport Tec Wahoo Hooded

SeaTec Outfitters Sport Tec Wahoo Hooded 1

SeaTec Outfitters Sport Tec Wahoo Hooded

Wade Lancaster


I got my first SeaTec Outfitters Sport Tec Wahoo hoody as a registration prize in the Winter Vail Mountain Games back in 2010 or so. It was the first time I had really even seen one, and it quickly became my go-to for split-board tours. Fast-forward a few years later, and I was trying more and more of them.

They are so versatile as a secondary base layer for touring, an added layer of warmth on a cool Fall day, and are comfy as heck for just laying around the house.

SeaTec Outfitters Sport Tec Wahoo Hooded 2

In the past few years I have grown quite fond of vacations to tropical locations(especially in the winter months to thaw out!) and discovered that many of these sun hoodies are highly SPF rated, breath really well, dry quickly when wet, and can make hangin on the beach/at the pool much easier as I am not having to apply sunscreen every hour. At least on my arms, chest, and neck.

SeaTec Outfitters Sport Tec Wahoo Hooded 3

Low and behold I ran across SeaTec this summer as I was looking for a new sun hoody for my trip to Cabo. I love this thing! One of the softest sun hoodies I have yet to come across! Checks all of the boxes I look for in a top notch sun hoody.

Warm against a stiff gulf breeze, breathes extremely well on those hotter days, wicks moisture with the best of ‘em-got caught in a tropical downpour and was dry a few minutes after, and can hold up to multiple days of use.

I wore this thing 4 days straight with a simple rinse in the shower at night. Stayed nice and fresh. Great for camping trips here at home in the Colorado mountains-quick stream rinse and good to go the next day. It’s been my go to for hikes this Fall. Looking forward to putting them to that test and see how it holds up on the skin track. Watch for that review later this year.

SeaTec Outfitters Sport Tec Wahoo Hooded 4


Only complaint- I’ve put this thing through the literal ringer and the fabric is starting to show signs of wear and fading. Something that will happen with all garments just surprised to see it happening this quickly. Hopefully something they’ll get figured out for future generations.

I’m 6’1” tall and weigh in at about 220. The XL fits great! Note on fit: the wrist/forearm fit is a little snug. I’ve found that I actually prefer this as I don’t like the extra fabric hanging down like some other sun hoodies I have-especially during activities.

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