Sherpa Adventure Gear Partners with Arcade Belts to Launch Belt That Gives Back

Arcade X Sherpa Rambler Sales Will Educate Four Students in Nepal for a Year

Rambler Sherpa Collab-Green Sherpa
Rambler Sherpa Collab-Green Sherpa

Sherpa Adventure Gear, the socially-conscious company specializing in technical travel apparel, and Arcade Belts, the functional, lightweight and durable belt brand, are celebrating the fundamental importance of education with the new Arcade X Sherpa Rambler belt. For every belt sold, $5 will be donated to the Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund. As a result of the collaboration, four Nepali students will be educated for an entire year.

“Empowering children in Nepal through education is core to our mission at Sherpa, and we are beyond thrilled that Arcade Belts shares that same vision,” commented Sherpa Adventure Gear CEO Kelsie Costa. “Through the creation of this comfortable, everyday adventure belt, we are able to impact the lives of four children in our education program.”

The children receiving education come from remote villages, where a robust and quality education is not feasible.

Costa adds, “They are studying in a top school in Kathmandu with access to high-caliber teachers and extracurriculars. It is life-changing not only for the students but for the entire family. We are so honored that Arcade sees the value in this work and has whole-heartedly supported these kids.”

“Since our inception, Arcade Belts has shown unwavering dedication to community support,” said Tristan Queen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Arcade Belts. “We are excited to collaborate with Sherpa and offer this rare educational opportunity to deserving children, and we thank every customer that bought this belt and made this give back possible.”

Rambler Sherpa Collab-Green Sherpa
Rambler Sherpa Collab-Green Sherpa

The Arcade X Sherpa Rambler limited-edition belt (MSRP $29.00) is lightweight, offers a low-profile design, is travel-friendly and washer/dryer safe. The belt is one size fits most (up to 40”) and features designs inspired by Sherpa Adventure Gear’s Himalayan homeland. The unique, intricate pattern on the lining of the belt is often seen on traditional handwoven Nepalese costumes. The Arcade X Sherpa belt can be purchased on or beginning Thursday, September 5th.

Engearment Editor note:

We are big fans of both Arcade and Sherpa.  In fact, one of our very first interviews was with Cody Townsend after he won ski line of the year, and talked about the “why” of creating Arcade belts with his friends.  Check it out!

Arcade Belts – Keep Your Pants On

Equally, we love what Sherpa is doing.  Please check out their report on how they give back.  Really great stuff that they are doing!


In 2010, Arcade was founded on the belief that belts could be designed to function better, last longer and be more comfortable. Inspired by materials used to create outdoor adventure gear, Arcade Belts are designed to withstand heavy use, and provide the utmost flexibility for everyday wear.

Sherpa Adventure Gear

In 2003, Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded as a living memorial to the unsung heroes of Mount Everest—the Sherpas. Sherpa Adventure Gear seeks to honor the legendary high-altitude climbers by creating adventure gear that earns their praises. The brand is focused on providing economic and social stability to the people of Nepal through steady employment and quality working conditions. In 2018, the brand created jobs for more than 1,500 people in Nepal, an increase of close to 75% compared to the previous year.

The Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund was created to provide educational opportunities for future generations, a core component of Sherpa’s mission. The fund provides a brighter future to the children of Nepal through empowerment and education. For every product sold, a donation is made to grant scholarships in the fund, providing resources for the children of the community.

Currently, Sherpa is providing 12 children with scholarships and will continue to support these students through their college education.


To learn more about Sherpa Adventure Gear and their products and mission, visit or follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @Sherpaadventuregear. For more information on Arcade Belts, visit or follow them on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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