Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake – the latest creative addition to its lineup of performance nutrition

Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake - the latest creative addition to its lineup of performance nutrition 1

Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake – the latest creative addition to its lineup of performance nutrition

Kate Agathon


The Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake is the latest creative addition to its lineup of performance nutrition.

Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake - the latest creative addition to its lineup of performance nutrition 2

Is it sports nutrition, or is it a treat?


Our friends at Boulder-based Skratch Labs have created Sport Crispy Rice Cakes, the latest creative addition to its lineup of performance nutrition.


Made from a blend of puffed red, brown, and long grain wild rice and toasted ancient grain red quinoa, this sweet snack was designed for athletes who need energy-packed complex carbohydrates, but don’t want the “heavy” feeling other nutrition bars have.


Moreover, at 180-190 calories each, the non-GMO and allergen-free Sport Crispy Rice Cakes pack enough energy to last up to an hour’s worth of activity. Frankly, it was surprising to me that something so light in both taste and weight had so many calories. Leave it to Skratch to figure out a way to give me the calories I need to stay energized without feeling uncomfortably stuffed.

Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake Review



As with their other sports nutrition, Skratch nails the flavor. In other words, the flavor tastes exactly as the product’s description, not some chemical imitation (cue the lickable wallpaper scene from 1971’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where the taster proclaims, “…the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!”).


Available in Mallow, Chocolate & Mallow, and Strawberry & Mallow, all three flavors were delicious, but the Strawberry & Mallow edged out the others for providing just the right amount of sweetness and flavor.



The Sport Crispy Rice Cakes are light and I can stuff a few in the back pocket of my cycling jersey. The best part is that they don’t fall apart during transport (i.e. no crumbs)!


Surprisingly, they are not overtly sticky (lightly used marshmallow adheres everything together), so I don’t have to worry about sticky hands or gear.


Note: the lack of “stickiness” is a big deal for people like me who abhor having sticky bike gloves or fingers after chewing an energy gel. In fact, a product’s stickiness and/or crumble factor is what ultimately determines whether or not I’ll take them with me on future bike rides.


Final Thoughts

Skratch super fans will recall that Skratch founder Dr. Allen Lim has been making rice cakes at home for over a decade, as described in the Feed Zone Portables cookbook. These may well have been the precursor for the current Sport Crispy Rice Cakes.


While I have not yet had the opportunity to keep the Sport Crispy Rice Cakes in my back pocket with the hot sun bearing down on my back for hours at a time during long rides, I can’t attest to whether or not some degree of minor melting occurs. Regardless, I’ll still keep a stack of these delicious rice cakes at the ready to keep me going during indoor training rides.


Now available to purchase, Skratch Sport Crispy Rice Cakes can be a bit spendy as they retail for $2.45 for a single serving packet, or $17.95 for an 8 pack. However, please keep in mind that you’re not only paying for a delicious snack, you’re paying for the precise nutritional science that went into making these a superior performance food.


As with all of Skratch’s products, a higher asking price is not much of an issue when something looks, tastes, and performs spectacularly well. In fact, the Sport Crispy Rice Cakes are such that you can even see the quality of the product once it is unwrapped.


Food science and delicious performance nutrition is what Skratch does best.


In a vast field of sports nutrition competitors, the newly introduced Sport Crispy Rice Cakes personify Skratch’s MO: producing something entirely unique and unbelievably delicious, yet ensuring it performs its primary function in fueling athletes. Don’t be surprised if you see similar versions from competitors emerging in the near future.


The final word on Skratch’s new Sport Crispy Rice Cakes? They’re worth every delicious bite.

Kate Agathon

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Kate Agathon – Dr. of Stoke

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Kate Agathon

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