Knog Quokkarun – Funny Name but Easy to Use

Adam Moskowitz


I had the opportunity to use the Knog Quokkarun headlamp for a few months now.  It was used under a number of different conditions.

Knog bills this headlamp for use by urban runners to see and be seen.  It has three main light modes plus a red halo lamp.  It’s lightweight, easy to use and rechargeable.

Knog Quokkarun
Knog Quokkarun

Knog Quokkarun Review


I used the headlamp on a few dawn patrols while splitboarding as well as running in town at night.

The headlamp is embedded in a silicone strap.  The silicone strap is easy and quick to adjust.  In just a few seconds you can take it from a size that fits on your ski helmet, down to your baseball cap or forehead.  And the stretch silicone provided ample grip that didn’t slip once.

This headlamp is crazy light.   Altogether it weighs just 1.7 ounces.   Once it’s on and adjusted, it is barely noticeable.

The various modes are also easy to adjust while wearing the headlamp thanks to Knog giving the quokkarun just one tactile button for all adjustments.

On my first use the spot beam lit up the skin track well.  It was a cloudy 5:30 morning, so it was dark.  The quokkarun gave me plenty of light to navigate.  At its brightest, it gives off 150 lumens.  While not the brightest, it is enough to stay on a skin track and see hazards both on the trail and the street.

Exceeded it’s noted parameters as working up to -4 F as it was -8 at the base when I started the hike up.

red means go:  the red gave off just enough light to see and cut through the cloud, without having the light just bounce off the water particles as often happens with a white light beam.

Walking on the dark streets of late-night mid-January Winter Park, Colorado, the quokkarun gave us a measure of safety on the icy walk.

The lamp also recharges easily.  The headlamp itself has a USB connector on one end.  You take the lamp out of the silicone headband and simply plug the whole thing into a USB-A port.  In about 3.5 hours, it is fully recharged.

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