Nathan Sports Quick Squeeze 12oz Insulated Bottle

Andrew Piotrowski


Overview: P.S.A. – please stop running with single-use plastic water bottles. Not only are they horrible for the environment but they are annoying to hold and hard to drink on the move. I am sure there are some people who will make a case that they are light, simple, and easy to find.

Nathan Sports Quick Squeeze 12oz Insulated Bottle 3QuickSqueeze Lite 12oz Insulated Handheld


And while all those things are true, handheld running water bottles are a much better option. The Nathan Sports Quick Squeeze 12oz handheld checks all of those boxes and many more. I recently used this bottle on a rugged 100k race through the Blue Ridge Mountains and was very impressed with how light and comfortable it was.

I ran with it for 9 hours of the race and found it to be easy on the skin, easy to fill, and kept things cold despite the late day sun. I have a wide array of Nathan handhelds and this is by far my favorite.

Key Features:

360 Reflective – The entire bottle has a cool reflective pattern that provides great visibility from all directions. 

Flat Bottom – I love this feature. The large flat bottom of the bottle allows for it to be easily filled even when there is still some liquid in the bottle. You can simply sit it down and fill it. I especially enjoyed this feature on a recent long-distance trail run where I had to filter water a few times. I simply sat the bottle on a rock and had two hands available for filtering.

Nathan Sports Quick Squeeze 12oz Insulated Bottle
Nathan Sports Quick Squeeze 12oz Insulated Bottle

Lightweight Simple Fabric Handheld – I love the simple design with no zippers or complicated pockets. It keeps things light, clean, and easy. The pocket that holds the bottom of the bottle is big enough for some Gu’s, car keys, or cash.

Perfect size opening – The opening is big enough to easily fill the bottle and perfectly fits the little scoop that comes with Tailwind Nutrition products.

MSRP: $24.99

Nathan Sports Quick Squeeze 12oz Insulated Bottle 4QuickSqueeze Lite 12oz Insulated Handheld


Andrew Piotrowski

Andrew is a trail runner, climber, paddler, snowboarder, marketer, and most importantly a dog dad. Andrew grew up in suburban Philadelphia and now lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Andrew Piotrowski
Andrew Piotrowski

While he lives pretty far from the mountains, he puts a heavy focus on preparing for them and inspiring others to do the same. He first fell in love with the mountains on family trips to the White Mountains and the Adirondacks. He spent the majority of his early life competitively running and leisurely paddling, however after college he began focusing on learning to climb, snowboard, and backpack.

Andrew Piotrowski
Andrew Piotrowski backpacking

Over the past ten years since then, he has been fortunate enough to gain some amazing experiences exploring North America. Some of the most memorable thus far are alpine climbing in the Sierra, trail running in Alberta, learning to splitboard in NH, countless days hiking in the Catskills, or a plethora of mellow days paddling the Chesapeake Bay with friends.

Andrew Piotrowski
Andrew Piotrowski on MT Whitney

When he can’t be in the mountains Andrew is often running or hiking with his favorite training partners, his two rescue dogs Calvin and Enzo. Andrew is also a self-proclaimed gear junkie and confessed that his gear loft is the most organized place in his home.


Instagram: pack_mule_piotrowski

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