The Spy Hunt sunglasses offer an some updated technology on a popular, classic style. These shades fit very well (frame measurements 55-19-130) and performed well on backcountry tours, long drives, and casual activities. I tested out 2 pairs of the Hunt, the Matte Black Navy frame with Happy Bronze Polar with Dark Blue Spectra and the Mate Black Olive frame with Happy Grey Green Polar lens.

Spy Hunt sunglasses

The Happy Bronze Polar lens was great at offering a more sepia tone look while cutting down on glare (thanks to being polarized) and was good for lower light conditions (though they did fine in full sun). The Happy Grey Green lens offered a more traditional, cool view without distorting any colors. This was our preferred lens for sports as we felt it helped with seeing terrain more accurately. The Bronze was great for chilling out, having a beer on a sunny patio and more leisurely activities. Not to say that you could not use them for a bike ride or other activities, both lenses are great. All the Hunt sunglasses have very grippy tips that secure the shades to your head. Plus, they are tough and can take some beating, thanks to the Grilamid construction.

So what is the big deal with the Happy Lens? Why did it earn Popular Mechanics Editors Choice for 2017? Blue light management. That’s why. Spy cites reports on Seasonal Affective Disorder light therapy and long-term health benefits in using the long-wave blue light while blocking short-wave blue light. Studies show that 480nm light stimulates serotonin secretion.  Guess where Spy’s Happy lenses let in the light!  Yup, 480nm.  We get a lot of sun here in Colorado, so SAD is kind of hard for us to mimic, but we can attest to the Happy lenses creating excellent optical clarity.

If you are looking for  stylish sunglasses that can go from chilling to crushing a single track, then the Spy Hunt with Happy Lens should be in your sunglasses hunt. (Ed. Note: I see what you did there.)  MSRP $160  Grab a pair from Amazon with Prime shipping.

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  1. […] fact, one of my favorite pair of shades was the Spy Hunt from a fear years ago.  Unfortunately, my truck was broken into and the Hunt’s where taken. […]

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