YETI Daytrip Lunch Box – Back to Office Solution

Kate Agathon

At last, a lunch box for adults.


The YETI Daytrip lunch box is a great back-to-the-office accessory that keeps your lunch fresh for hours.


Why the excitement over a lunch box?

YETI Daytrip Lunch Box
YETI Daytrip Lunch Box

YETI Daytrip Lunch review

Raise your hand if you’ve looked in the office fridge and your lunch in its well-worn plastic grocery bag was virtually indistinguishable from others.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever discovered that your lunch has gotten smooshed or was not an ideal temperature.


Finally, raise your hand if your grocery bag has ever torn when transporting your lunch?


Regrettably, all three have happened to me.


For the longest time, I hesitated to use a proper bag to transport my lunch. It was yet another bag I had to juggle when I left home.


Questions I’d ask myself: Would it fit in my bike pannier? Would it be just another bag to keep track of on a cramped bus? If it doesn’t fit in my backpack, what will I do with all this baggage? I’m not going on weekend vaca, I’m going to work.


After my cookies got crushed and my sandwich squashed (again), I finally got tired of sacrificing my lunch to the omnipresent janky grocery bag. Enter the YETI Daytrip lunch box.


Once the Daytrip lunch box arrived, I felt like a kid on the first day of school with my new lunchbox.


At 12x10x5.5 inches, the Daytrip lunch box was a perfect size.


It was able to accommodate a small food container, my chopsticks, and some condiments. I discovered it could also hold a 10z YETI Rambler, just like the lunchboxes of my youth that came with matching thermos.

The YETI Daytrip kept my lunch cold, and not room temperature.

YETI Rambler Review


Key features:


  • Coldcell flex insulation offers superior temperature-holding power.

  • Eva molded bottom helps keep food in place. The compressed design prevents food from getting squished.

  • Drench defense engineered exterior resists water.


In a hurry? The antimicrobial lining is food safe, so you can toss your food directly in it.


Is the office fridge overflowing? No problem, no need to practice an impromptu Janga session to  cram your bag in. You can keep your food cool next to your desk for a few hours until lunch time arrives.


Although I have yet to test it out in more extreme conditions (such as leaving it in a car for several hours during a hike), for work, it is a good lunch box that serves its purpose (keeps my food cold, unsquashed, and helps me avoid the grocery bag pitfalls listed above).


The Daytrip lunch box is available in four colors: charcoal, navy, highlands olive (limited edition) and harvest red (limited edition).


Fellow adults, it’s time to give up the boring grocery bag and go with something that you can reuse every day and keep your lunch fresh.


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