Huck Adventures – The App That Connects You to Adventure

Huck Adventures

Huck Adventures – The App That Connects You to Adventure

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Ever wanted to find the perfect adventure partner but did not know where to start?  Tried Facebook groups, friends of friends and everything else?  Huck Adventures is going to be the gateway that allows you to share with the world who you are and what you like doing.  As well as find others who want to join in the next outing.  You can fine-tune who you are looking to meet, what your availability is and even the level of fun you are looking to have.

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Looking for type one fun on the weekend? Done.  How about a midday type two backcountry tour? Bingo. Even a type three level super adventure can be facilitated through Huck. The app will cater to 240 sports and activities, so I am sure you will be able to find someone to join you on your bike/hike/raft/backcountry ski/climb/run/ski kite/ Tenkara shenanigans.

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I personally have been following the progress of this startup for awhile and met with the founder, Ben Nelson, on several occasions to discuss how this platform will benefit the public.  To be totally honest, I am impressed.  I think you all will be too.  How many times has your new adventure partner turned out to be…. less than what you anticipated? Or not even shown up at all?  With the app, you will be able to rate others in the playing field to keep everyone honest and safe.  It’s like for finding your next adventure partner!

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In the interview below, Ben and I head to the Colorado backcountry to chat more about the platform.  Check it out.  This app has the potential to help so many of us find the ideal adventure partners.  This is going to be a good resource for everyone using it.  By keeping the user accountable and honest, it will help keep everyone safe and ensure they are in good company.

Ben Neslon of Huck and Sean Sewell of

Ben Nelson of Huck and Sean Sewell of

Some of the activities include:

Running, Hiking, Climbing, Parkour, Cycling, Moutain Biking, BMX, Skiing, Extreme Skiing, Snowboarding, Splitboarding, Mountaineering, Camping, Skydiving, Slacklining, Surfing, Snowmobiling, Yoga, Fitness, Martial Arts, Hang Gliding, Land Boarding, Dog Sledding, and Canyoning. Plus a couple hundred more.  Chances are pretty good that whatever you are into, you can find some partners!

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Sign up now to keep in the loop for when the app goes live, and to be entered in a drawing to win $300 worth of gear!  Sign up here –

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Press Release

Huck Adventures is Raising $1 Million in Seed Funding to Connect Outdoor Adventure Enthusiasts Throughout the Country

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Boulder, CO (April 2, 2019) Huck Adventures, an outdoor app startup on a mission to connect outdoor enthusiasts in a way never done before, announced it is currently raising $1 million in seed funding.
Huck is in the build stage and is currently coding the app with its latest version being tested internally on Testflight. The app is on schedule to launch by June to the Colorado market, with plans to launch to the rest of the United States at the beginning of September. Though still in pre-launch, Huck has already landed partnerships with major non-profit organizations that have a total reach of 18M users worldwide. 
Ben Nelson, Huck Adventure’s Founder and CEO, is a die-hard entrepreneur and has been leading the boot-strapped company since August of 2019. “I got the idea for Huck after years of traveling and struggling to find people to go on adventures with,” Nelson said. “While at home and abroad, I met others who faced the same difficulties, and I wanted to create a solution that would not only help people connect, but allow them to get outside and enjoy the outdoors more often.”
Once Huck launches for both iOS and Android devices, it will make it easy for outdoor enthusiasts to find one another and connect. Through the app, users will be matched and be able to search for other users with the same interests, skill levels, and GEO location, and be able to schedule and chat directly through the app. Other features of the app will allow users to attend organized events, learn on the education hub, and post gear reviews.
Huck’s mission is to not only to grow outdoor participation as a whole but also grow the non-profits that keep the outdoors beautiful and support more people getting outside. The app will match users with Huck’s Non-Profit Partners it thinks the users will like, and they can choose to attend events, volunteer, or donate. Huck has already signed partnership agreements with several non-profit organizations that will be instrumental in onboarding users once the app launches. Huck’s Non-Profit Partners include: Paradox Sports, Big City Mountaineers, Clean Trails, Leave No Trace, Adaptive Adventures, and the National Ski Patrol. Huck’s partnership with Clean Trails alone is estimated to bring approximately one million users to the app in September of 2019 through National CleanUp Day.
“It’s been a dream of mine to connect people from around the world in their love of the outdoors,” Nelson said. “Language is never a barrier when you share a passion for the outdoors and experience it together.”
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About Huck Adventures

Ben Nelson climbing 150 year old tree

Ben Nelson climbing a 150-year-old tree

Ben Nelson Jumping through Maroon Bells

Ben Nelson Jumping through Maroon Bells

Huck Founder and CEO Ben Nelson developed a love of the outdoors as a kid exploring the woods and open land near his home in rural Missouri.  As an adult, he traveled the U.S. and abroad, but struggled to find people at the right skill level to rock climb, cycle, and ski with when he visited new places. So he set out to create Huck Adventures—a community to unite people with the desire to get outside, explore the world, learn from each other, and create connections that will last a lifetime. Learn More About Huck Adventures.
Ben Nelson Jumping around

Ben Nelson Jumping just ’cause

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