I have a love/hate relationship with performance eyewear that comes with interchangeable lenses. I love the idea of it- the ability to find a comfortable frame and quickly replace the lenses to suit changing conditions. But I plead guilty in that I usually experience some difficulty swapping out lenses.  Not so with the Gordini Relode.


The Relodegoggle’s magnetic interchange system is game-changing for me. In mere seconds, the lens pops on and off effortlessly. I also appreciate the medium sized frame that fits snugly to my face without giving me the appearance of a mirror-lensed fly.


The dual density brushed poly covered foam provides a comfortable fit and keeps them in place. Finally, the Gordini Relode has just enough edging around the lens to give it definition without channeling that 80s Stormtrooperesque vibe.


Other notable features: two interchangeable magnetic lenses, goggle bag, and lens case to protect the spare lens. The Relode is available in both medium (Relode S) and large fit (Relode X).  MSRP is $150

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