The Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacketis a solid choice for casual wear fleece jacket. The Better Sweater is a versatile sweater that will find its way to any occasion. Comfortable enough to wear all day, stylish enough to wear out to dinner. What makes this better than other fleece sweaters?

Fair Trade Made

Patagonia has two clothing lines that are completely Fair Trade – The Better Sweater and the Synchilla Snap-T. That means that the workers are paid a fair wage and treated with more dignity. At the time of this review, 38% of the Patagonia products are Fair Trade Certified. Good on Patagonia for igniting this positive change. They started incorporating Fair Trade in 2014 with 10 items. Now, in 2017, they have 480 styles that are Fair Trade Certified – with more on the way. Read more about this in the press release below.

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket

Bluesign Approved Fabric

Again, Patagonia goes above and beyond with using bluesign approved fabrics. This means they are must use approved processes, materials and products that are safe for the workers, customers, and the environment.

How does it feel?

With all the Fairtrade and bluesign approved fabric, the Better Sweater still feels like your favorite fleece. Personally, I did not notice anything better or worse about the fabric or build quality over previous generations of Better Sweaters. As soon as I received the jacket, it became my everyday kit. 3 weeks of daily use and 2 washings showed no degradation in quality. From lounging around the house to the mountains, from work to dinner – this jacket was part of my life. One cool feature that I really appreciated was the internal drop pocket. An iPad Mini fits perfectly in there. Not sure why there is only one drop pocket, but one is better than none.


The Better Sweateri s supremely comfortable yet stylish enough to wear to most events. There are 10 colors to choose from and also available in a vest and 1/4 zip. MSRP $139 for a fleece jacket that is not only very comfortable, but it is fairly made. That is something you can feel good about.

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket


Patagonia’s Most Popular Fleece Styles Are Now Made in Fair Trade Certified™ Factories, Directly Benefiting the Workers Who Make Them                                                                                         

VENTURA, Calif. (October 3, 2017) – Patagonia has more styles and products made in Fair Trade Certified™ factories than any other apparel or home goods brand and this fall, two of Patagonia’s best-selling lines, Better Sweater® and Synchilla® Snap-T® are now Fair Trade Certified sewn. With 38 percent of its product line now Fair Trade Certified, Patagonia has made it easier than ever to support the factory workers who make its clothing.

Since 2014, Patagonia’s participation in Fair Trade has grown rapidly. It began by making 10 Fair Trade clothing styles in a single factory in the fall of 2014, and in spring of 2017 it launched the world’s first full line of Fair Trade Certified board shorts and bikinis. This fall, Patagonia is offering 480 Fair Trade styles made in 14 different factories.

The Fair Trade program is Patagonia’s midterm strategy for achieving fair wages. Patagonia pays a premium for Fair Trade products: the extra money goes directly into a workers’ fund, and they decide how to spend it. Because every Fair Trade product sold sends money back to apparel workers through these premium payments, Patagonia chose products that would ensure a high volume and significant return.

More than 26,000 workers have benefitted from the premiums Patagonia has paid through the Fair Trade program. Since 2014, these premiums have been spent on a day care center, health programs, cash bonuses, market vouchers, baskets, water filters and other necessities.

“Most people recognize that their clothing is made out of certain materials, but it’s important to understand that it’s also made by hands. And the people who make our clothing deserve to be seen and recognized,” stated Helena Barbour, vice president of sportswear at Patagonia. “Fair Trade is one way to achieve that goal. It’s so much more than just paying premiums to workers. It positively affects workers lives, but also affects factories, brands and customers who get to make informed choices.”

Patagonia’s men’s, women’s and kids’ Fair Trade Certified Better Sweater line and additional fleece styles are available at Patagonia retail stores, partner stores and on

About Patagonia

Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, Patagonia is an outdoor company based in Ventura, California. A Certified B Corp, Patagonia’s mission is to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. The company is recognized internationally for its commitment to authentic product quality and environmental activism, contributing over $89 million in grants and in-kind donations to date.

About Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers, protects fragile ecosystems, and builds strong, transparent supply chains through independent, third-party certification. Its trusted Fair Trade Certified™ label signifies that rigorous standards have been met in the production, trade and promotion of Fair Trade products from over 80 countries across the globe. Recognized as a leading social venture by the Clinton Global Initiative, the Skoll Foundation and Ashoka, Fair Trade USA also provides critical capacity-building programs at origin, and educates consumers about the power of their purchase. Visit for more information.


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