Engearment Podcast – John Sears of Gregory Backpacks – Unlikely Hikers

Engearment Podcast – John Sears of Gregory Backpacks – Unlikely Hikers


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We get to take you, the viewer and listener, to the Gregory Backpack Headquarters for a look at some really great projects they are working on.

Vice President John Sears gives us a rundown of their collaboration with Unlikely hikers. A diverse, plus-size, inclusive group that encourages people of all backgrounds and sizes to get outside. Truly, an awesome collaboration. If you know much about my history, all the members of my family were plus-size, and they would have loved to see this.

We also get to see some of their new backpacks and a really geat hydration bladder ( I am grabbing one today!)

On a serendipitous level, my first backpacking pack was a Gregory Baltoro 65, and the man who helped design it is…. John Sears. Small, awesome world!

Unlikely Hikers – https://jennybruso.com/unlikelyhikers/

New Gregory products – https://snp.link/429541a0

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