Engearment Podcast Sean Sewell and Ryan Humphries

Engearment Podcast Sean Sewell and Ryan Humphries


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Engearment Podcast Sean Sewell and Ryan Humphries of Axistence Athletics

This is round 2 of having my good friend Ryan on the Engearment Podcast.

Ryan is the co-owner of one of the best gyms in the Denver area – one that I really appreciate and home of several great certification courses.  A few months ago, we went through the StrongFirst SFL (StrongFirst Lifter) certification with the wonderful Doc Hartle (check out the podcast with Doc a month ago for some great insights!).

The last Podcast guest – Matthew Flaherty – will be hosting the Flexible Steel certification at Axistence Athletics in September 2020.  So, Ryan is at the forefront of fitness and health education.

Not only is he a big brain, but he also has one of the biggest hearts in the industry.  As a retired Navy serviceman and an avid outdoorsman,  he is a true leader in the field.

We always have a great time talking about how to better serve our students, what is at the forefront of education and we are not afraid to let loose on some strong opinions.

This is the second quarantined interview too.  I think in this unique time of social distancing and uncertainty, it is refreshing to have an open and real discussion with a fellow fitness pro and a heck of a great man.

More about Ryan’s gym – https://www.axistenceathletics.com

Follow him on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/stories/strength_sage/

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