Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant – Dyneema infused US Made Workpant

Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant - Dyneema infused US Made Workpant 1

Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant – Dyneema infused USA Made Workpant

Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant

Take 100% US sewn, grown and dyed pants and add Dyneema and you have the Steel Forge Pant

Patagonia knows how to make good pants.  They also know how to leverage their large network to track down top quality materials.  The Steel Forge Denim Pant is a great example of this.  The sourced 100% organic US grown cotton.  USA produced indigo for the dye. Coupled with hand sewing in America. That right there is a winning denim pant.  At least in our opinion.

Dyneema – 15X stronger than steel

And a whole lot more comfortable too! Pound for pound, Dyneema is stronger than steel.  Nothing wrong with steel, but the days of knights in shining armor are over.  Steel is great for drinking vessels and other rigid objects but makes bad pants.  Enter Dyneema, the wonder material that is strong and pliable.  In fact, I could not feel any difference when wearing the Steel Forge pants. Dyneema has been used for many applications – ropes, nets armor, etc. Now they are in these Patagonia pants!

Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant

Patagonia workwear

Those two words might seem like they belong together, but let me tell you that these pants are legit. I am no carpenter, but I spend a lot of time outside.  Sliding on rocks, building (and breaking) things in the woods.  I have two dogs that love to claw me when they are excited.  I fall out of hammocks and roll down hills (it might have been a strong drink). I help my friends with projects and I love carrying a tape measure and hammer with me.   Maybe it is to get groceries, maybe it is to the hardware store.  Whatever it is, I like doing it.  I like knowing that these pants are not going to give out on me during a project.

Steel Forge looks damn good too

Just look at these pants.  You can go from construction to dinner in these.  The US produced indigo is beautiful – thanks Stoney Creek Colors! The fit is spot on.  I am 33″ waist by 32″ length and these were perfect.  My wife likes the way these look, so I get to wear these often.  Happy wife, happy life (at least that is what she tells me!)

Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant


Review of Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant

The pockets were generous, deep and useful. My favorite feature was the hand pocket bar that allows for every day carry pen and knife. My iPhone 8 Plus with case slid into the right utility pocket.  The rear pockets swallowed up my wallet.  I could probably put a map or manual in the other rear pocket! These pants allowed me to go about my day, whatever that might be, with ease.  From the city to the mountains, from dirt to dinner.  These are comfortable and durable pants. MSRP $159. Matching top $199

Patagonia Steel Forge Denim Pant

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