Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses – 3 Levels of Amazing Optical Coverage

The Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses are a very full coverage sunglass that features photochromic lenses that adjust to the lighting conditions.

Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses

Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses

Reactiv Lens

This is Julbo’s proprietary photochromic lens technology.  There are several companies out there that have lenses that adapt to the lighting conditions, but Julbo seems to have it perfected. I have used several of their goggles and sunglasses with various forms of Reativ lenses and can attest to their reliability and great optics.

Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses

The model I am testing in this review are the “Performance Reactive 1-3” lens.  Meaning, these have a VLT (visible light transmission) of 17-72%.  The pink based lens offers good contrast and has anti-fog and an oil repellent coating.

Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses - 3 Levels of Amazing Optical Coverage 1

I have used this lens in ski goggles as well and am a big fan of it.

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Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses


This is another area where the Rush sunglasses really impressed me.  The massive coverage is ideal for things like biking, cross country skiing, running, or anything where you will be moving fast and need more protection for your eyes.  I used them for backcountry snowboarding (touring in the alpine!) and biking in the city.

Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses

Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses

Fit and function

When these first showed up, I was concerned that they would be heavy or get in the way of my action.  Not the case at all!  They fit very well, and you can adjust the temple in several ways to dial in the fit.  The material on the temple is also nice and grippy (without being irritating).  Even the nose piece is adjustable.

Julbo Rush Reactiv Sunglasses


These are actually lighter than they look.  Coming in at 38 grams.  I forget they are on my face sometimes.  Also, I would recommend keeping the storage case with you if you do take the sunglasses off.  The shape is more round (obviously) than most sunglasses and it is good to store them safely.


Either you love ’em or you don’t LOL.  My wife is not a fan of them on me.  But she does not go with me on the adventures that I use these for, so we both win!  🙂 Well, honestly, I would love for her to come on the adventures, but hanging out in a snowstorm at 12k is not her kind of thing LOL.  Alas, these are rad sunglasses that will serve your fast action adventures with ease and clarity.  If you can rock them with confidence, get some and get after it! $229


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  1. Erik

    Hi Sean – thanks for these videos, I really appreciate your insights! I was cross-shopping the Julbo Rush vs the Julbo Aerospeeds. I know you reviewed and liked them both, but wondering if you had some specific pros/cons to help decide between them (assume that they were outfitted with the same lens)? 90% of their use would be for road cycling. (Wind protection? Fogging? Helmet interaction? Stability Looks? etc.) Thanks in advance!


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