KEEN Uneek O2 Sandal – Unique and Comfortable

KEEN Uneek

The KEEN Uneek O2 sandal is truly unlike other sandals. 

The KEEN Uneek is comprised of two cords that are braided together to form the top and a lightweight midsole.  These unique sandals are pretty comfortable.

What is with the cords?

At first glance, the sandal is hard to figure out.  Is it a shoe?  Is it a sandal?  Will my toe push through the webbing?  The stretchy polyester cord wraps around your foot and moves with it.  I was surprised at how supportive it felt.  The braiding is tight enough that no toes came out and the fit was surprisingly good.


The open build to the sandal makes it a great summertime sandal or shoe.  Air naturally permeates around the foot, keeping it cool.  The microfiber heel back was soft and helped hold the foot down very well.  Usually, sandals offer very little support and are not good at keeping the foot secure.  Not so with the Uneek.  The combination of braided cord and heel back really grip the foot.  This is different than the KEEN Uneek.  I think the heel really helps make these sandals feel like comfortable shoes.


The Uneek are very comfortable.  Once you slip them on, you immediately feel the comfort.  I did not want to take them off.  The midsole is PU and not cloth.  This is nice for using them if your feet are going to get wet.  Makes it easy to clean.  The footbed has good arch support thanks to the “Metatomical Footbed”.

KEEN Uneek


Either you love the look or you don’t.  The Uneek is a very interesting looking sandal.  My wife was not a fan of the way they looked.  I don’t mind the style and I absolutely love the way they feel on my feet.  So they are good in my book!

KEEN Uneek


KEEN says that they run a 1/2 size small.  I usually wear an 11 – 11.5 and found the 11.5 to fit perfectly.  Available in several colors and in women’s sizes as well.

Uses – Everyday to Camping

The Uneek is easy to slip on and go about the day.  Perfect for travel as they are lightweight and compact well.  At home at the farmers market or pool, the Uneek O2 is a great summer shoe.

KEEN Uneek O2 Mens

KEEN Uneek O2 Women’s

KEEN Uneek O2 Kids

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