We love vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles here at Engearment! I think we have reviewed at least 20 of them. What sets the ZOKU bottle apart from the others?

Zoku vacuum bottle reviewZOKU launched a line of vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles this summer, 12oz, 18oz and 25oz. I took the 18oz out into the Colorado mountains for some summer hikes to test out how well it would keep water cold. They claim it will keep things cold for 40 hours. I did not get to wait that long to drink the cold water, but it sure was cold after several hours in a hot truck, then a few more hours on the outside of my backpack, being exposed to direct sun on a very warm day. My mountain test concluded that it kept beverages cold long enough for me to enjoy them. Very similar to all the other brands of vacuum insulated water bottles we have tested.

What really sets the ZOKU aside from the other brands is the sleek look of it. All the corners are rounded and smooth. It slides easily into an elasticized backpack punch or a cup holder in the vehicle. They even have a removable paracord lanyard on the lid. Hand wash is recommended for this bottle, as is the case for almost all stainless steel vacuum bottles.

The ZOKU line up of bottles offers the consumer a stylish alternative to other water bottles. There are lots of colors to choose from (currently 10 colors) with matching paracord lanyards. This is one good looking and functional vacuum bottle!

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