Dan Jimenez

Dan’s favorite hobby is learning new hobbies, and his favorite adventure is, well…life!

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He grew up surfing and skating on the Jersey shore. After college, he spent 10 years in the US Air Force as a Security Forces Officer, living in Montana, Hawaii, Colorado, as well as in undisclosed locations overseas.

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On one of his assignments, he was the “Officer in Charge of Supply, Logistics & Training”, where he was responsible for researching, testing, and buying new gear to outfit his 350 person SF Squadron for the home station mission, as well as on the battlefield abroad.

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In 2012, after his second overseas deployment, he decided it was time to take what he had learned and dedicate himself to training people in fitness, survival, and outdoor readiness. He co-created Denver’s one and an only gym designed for adventure athletes (Axistence: Training For A Life of Adventure), and later started the Axistence Platt Park location.

Dan now lives on the West Shore of Oahu, HI where he spends his free time surfing, skating, diving, hiking, hunting, and exploring the island with his wife and 3 kids.

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   – US Air Force Veteran – Security Forces – 10 years of service – Rank of Major

– Eagle Scout w/ 28 years of camping, hiking and survival experience

   – National Outdoor Leadership School, Certified Wilderness First Responder

   – Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Field Course Graduate

   – Backcountry 

         – 40+ Backpacking trips in 8 states and 7 countries

         – Camping – 180+ nights

   – Trained Primitive Skills with Huaorani Hunters in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador

   – “A” License Skydiver – 87 jumps

   – Certified SCUBA & Freediver – 33 Dives; Deepest 149 ft; multiple night dives; 62’ Freediving PR.

    – Board Sport Enthusiast – Skate, Surf, Snow, & any board shaped object he can get his hands on!

– Surfing- 14 years; surfed breaks in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Oahu, Kauai, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey

   – International Travel – Nepal, Thailand, Germany, Belgium, England, Italy, Austria,

     Colombia, Ecuador, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Canada, Iraq & Qatar.



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