Yoseph Lakein

Yoseph Lakein
Yoseph Lakein

Growing up as a kid in Brooklyn, NY, my first-time skiing was at age 9 at Loveland ski area.

Yoseph Lakein
Yoseph Lakein

After that first time I was hooked, I would come back to Colorado to ski with my uncle every winter, eventually moving to Colorado.

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I enjoy spending the winter months ski touring in Colorado, I spent two winters in the Baker Backcountry area taking pictures and skiing the best the PNW has to offer.

I lived for a winter season, ski touring in Les Arcs France And skiing in Switzerland. 

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When the snow is all gone, that’s when the MTB season is open, I have been downhill biking for over 20 years, I have traveled all over the world for skiing and biking, the best summer I can recall was in 2006 when I spent the entire summer in Whistler and traveling all over the MTB freeride spots in BC.

I spent 3 months living in Nepal trekking all over and even made it to Everest base camp in 2012.

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R2 D2.5 avalanche in RMNP during AIRAE 2 course – Pic credit Yoseph Lakein

My true passions are outdoor sports, that’s what keeps me alive and has shaped the person I have become today!

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AIARE 2 class in RMNP – Pic credit Yoseph Lakein

I also meet Sean the founder (of Engearment.com) in my AIARE 2 class in Estes Park back in 2015 and we have been friends since then,  speeding each winter touring Jones Pass, thanks to him, I have met all the other amazing people in the Backcountry community!

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