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BioLite Prep Kit - Apartment

Emergency Bundles

BioLite Prep Kits

Limited edition Biolite Prep Kits – Apartment Emergency Bundle. Available only through September 2019.

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? To help make gearing up for unforeseen adventures and natural disasters, BioLite has compiled 3 helpful kits for you.  The Prep Kit Solo $129, Prep Kit Apartment $310, and Prep Kit Family $460 have you covered.  I had a chance to use the Prep Kit Apartment this month and am impressed.

Prep Kit Apartment – water, light, and energy for up to 4 people

My wife and I live in a condo with our two dogs, so we fit the bill on testing this kit out.  I am really stoked on what all BioLite put into this package.  There is a Lifestraw Classic $20 to purify up to 1000 gallons of water.  That is enough to provide drinking water for one person for 5 years.  Let’s hope you never have to push the filter to that limit!

BioLite Prep Kit - Apartment

BioLite Prep Kit – Apartment

Personly, I always carry at least one form of water purification with me.  At least one in the vehicle and one in my backpack.  Just keep up with blowing out the water when not in use.  If the filter has water in it below freezing, I usually replace the filter.  I am probably being paranoid, but I don’t want to take any chances of getting sick!

BioLite Prep Kit - Apartment

BioLite Prep Kit – Apartment (in our home 🙂 )

2 Headlamps – 330 Lumens!

I love these headlamps $50  I have been using this model all summer for camping, so I am very familiar with it already.  It is a very powerful headlamp with multiple light modes.  Flood is great for around camp or anytime you want to see what is in front of you.  The spot beam is 230 lumens that will light up the night.

What is great about this headlamp is that it is very comfortable to wear.  It feels like a headband you might wear for sports.  My favorite feature though is the ability to recharge via micro USB.  Truly off the grid and versatile!

BioLite Headlamp 330

BioLite Headlamp 330

2 Solar-powered lights

These Sunlights $25 are handy as could be.  They are simple and easy to use.  One side is a 100 lumen, dimmable light.  The other is a solar panel to charge the light.  Prop them up on a shelf, or hang them from a roof.

BioLite Sunlight

BioLite Sunlight

You get 50 hours of use per charge.  The lamps are chargeable via the sun (7 hours) or micro USB (2 hours).  So all you have to do is stick it outside for one day to get almost a week of use.

2 Stuffsacks that double as lanterns

These Stuffsacks $15 are super simple and effective.  Just put the headlamp in one and you have a lantern.  Regardless of prep kits, I think everyone who backpacks needs at least one of these! They are just 2 grams!  Below is how you use them.

BioLite Stuffsack Lantern

BioLite Stuffsack Lantern

SolarHome 620 – solar charge, radio, and lights

The star of the package is the SolarHome 620 $150.  This is power (solar charger), lights (3) and radio.  What is great about this set up is that it is perfect for home, or on the road.  This would make a great setup for van life, Overlanding, camping and of course, emergency home use.

BioLite Solar Home 620

BioLite Solar Home 620

See how the SolarHome 620 works here

Pretty awesome right?!

As you can see, BioLite nailed it with these prep kits.

Grab one while you can though!! As of this write-up, there are less than 100 left!

Final thoughts. I think everyone should be prepared for things to go “not according to plan”.  Life events can happen at any time.  It will serve you, and those you care about, well if you can weather the storm.  Plus, these kits make great charging, lighting and water purification for fun times too.   Like camping, van life and tiny homes.  Thanks for putting these kits together BioLite!


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