Kammok Mantis – Hammock Tent For Two on Kickstarter

Kammok Mantis Hammock

Kammok Mantis – Hammock Tent For Two on Kickstarter


Kammok makes some great hammocks.  Now they are offering an all in one hammock tent for two! Kickstarter is on till 3/5/19, so hop on this!

Mantis and Mantis UL

Mantis and Matis UL specs

The Mantis (MSRP $229 – but $189 on Kickstarter)is all in one hammock tent system.  Meaning, you get a hammock, tree-friendly straps, insect net, and rainfly.  All this in an 8″ x 6″ package that weighs 2lb 12oz.  The Mantis UL (MSRP $259 – but only $215 on Kickstarter) is right at 2lbs and slightly smaller package size.

500lb capacity

This blows our minds.  That is two full-size humans with ease. The Mantis is 136″ long by 88-72″ (tapered) wide. Kammock uses 40D Gravitas nylon diamond ripstop to achieve this.  The ultralight version of the Mantis is made with a 20D Levitas nylon diamond ripstop and rated at 300lbs.

Mantis two people

4 Season use

By adding the Winter Barrier ($69 add on) you can use the Mantis in colder temps.  This will come in handy for us as we just received our Mantis to test out (and it is snowing here in Colorado!)

Mantis ingredients

Kickstarter ends March 5th

If you are into this hammock system as much as we are, then hop on over to the Kickstarter and invest your money in one.  Some Mantis and Mantis Ul will likely ship out April 2019.  The remaining units should ship out June 2019.  Just in time for summertime chilling and camping!

Mantis all in one

Review coming soon on Engearment.com!

We have several writers lined up to test the Mantis out.  So stay tuned for our official, detailed review and video on this hammock system!

Kammok Mantis Hammock

Wil Rickards and Baggins enjoying the Mantis Hammock


Mantis on splitboard tour

Mantis on splitboard tour



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