Outdoor Retailer Snow Show Coverage Team

Engearment crew at Outdoor Retailer

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show Coverage Team 2019

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019 is less than a week away.  Meet the writers and photographers of Engearment.com that will be covering the big event!

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018_

The Outdoor Retailer Snow Show is on its second year of awesomeness here in Denver, Colorado.  We have benefited greatly from the show moving from Utah to Colorado and merging with SIA.  We covered the event last year, summer and Winter Market. This year we have doubled our team to cover more gear, news, and events.  Let’s meet the Engearment team!

Kate Agathon

Kate is a veteran of the outdoor retailer and SIA shows, having covered them for Engearment the last 4 years.  She is our go-to bike, nordic ski, hiking, bacon, beer, and dog gear woman. She can be reached at kate.agathon@gmail.com

Kate’s bio – 

Freelance writer, bicyclist, outdoor recreation enthusiast, social justice advocate, and mom to her furbaby, Utah the Adventure Dog.

A Colorado native, Kate considers the outdoors her mother ship. She brings her passion for bicycling, the environment, and issues of diversity to her writing. Her primary outdoor recreation activities are mountain biking, fat biking, snowshoeing, camping, peak bagging Colorado’s 14ers, road cycling, and Nordic skiing. After suffering two major knee injuries within four years, Kate hopes to return to alpine skiing next season.

Icelantic One Degree hat

Aaron Rose

Aaron is our go-to photographer, splitboarder, hiker, and one heck of a cool Dad.  He is on more backcountry gear testing adventures than we can count.  He can be reached at aaron@engearment.com

Aaron’s bio –

Aaron’s affinity for gear originally came from living the coastal lifestyle in southeastern North Carolina where he’d spend time surfing, free diving, and whatever else he could keep himself busy with on the water. After relocating to Colorado, Aaron traded his surfboard for a snowboard and spent three seasons as a ski technician for two of the largest retailers in Colorado.

Known as the “gear destroyer,” Aaron has a knack for finding flaws in gear, yet he also can come up with solutions to fix them. When not splitboarding, Aaron is trying to cross off as many peaks as possible on the list of 832 summits above 13,000 feet in Colorado.
With an undergraduate degree in Marine Sciences and Meteorology and a masters in deaf education, Aaron is a man of many hats as a project developer, media producer, and educational consultant through his company Cue Cognatio. Aaron also goes on assignment as a photographer through Aaron V. Rose Photography.
Aaron has completed the AIARE Rec Level 2.

Will Coleman 

Will is an accomplished mountaineer, splitboarder, trail runner, van lifer, and climber.  He is 100% professional dirtbag and 100% full of character.  Sporting a mullet and pickaxe, he brings the fun to the show.  He can be reached at Will.inthealpine@gmail.com

Wills Bio –

Hi, I’m Will, I’m currently living the van life in Colorado. I enjoy mountaineering, splitboarding, climbing, trail running and type 2 fun! I’m 28 years old and spend as much time outside as possible. I moved to Colorado in 2014 from Mississippi and grew up in the mid-south. I have been snowboarding since 2000 and the mountains have had my heart ever since. You can find me anywhere from riding Colorado’s high peaks to climbing desert towers, to climbing in the PNW!

Trevor PriceTrevor is the IT genius as well as an avid hiker.  He fills many roles such as – photographer, coder, gear tester and all around fun guy.

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show Coverage Team 1

Brian Sullivan

Brian is a man of many hats. He will be covering OR as a photographer, videographer, cinematographer and avid outdoor lover.  He is also a world-traveling bikepacker, splitboarder, and producer.  We are excited to have him on our team.  He can be reached at Brian.flatstate@gmail.com

Brian’s Bio –

It has been said that storytelling is the act of dreaming while we are awake and that our dreams render our reality. Dreaming is how we take in our external reality, weave it through our subconsciousness, and anchor it into our value systems. Dreams, stories, and films then become the fertile ground and birthplace of new ways of looking at the world.

As a filmmaker, my aim is to create films that have an emotional resonance and cathartic impact on our culture. I desire to create films that serve as inter-cultural bridges and lenses with which to see the world from a broader perspective. We live in a storm of stories. We communicate through them and learn from them. The image has never been more powerful, and as a storyteller, I want to plant new metaphors within the collective subconscious that bring us closer together in our diversity and our humanness. We are hardwired for stories. Great stories and films teach us how to live and are crucial to our survival. We would not have survived or evolved to where we are today without them.

Brian Sullivan

Sean Sewell

Owner and Director of Stoke 

Spyder Eiger Shell Jacket

Sean is just a guy who likes to be outside with his dogs and friends.  Preferably in a blizzard, eating smoked salmon and telling pirate jokes. When not breaking gear, or chasing powder, Sean is training clients in Denver.  Swinging kettlebells and slamming battle ropes.  He enjoys skiing uphill, high fiving marmots and writing about damn near everything.  He can be reached at sean@engearment.com

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show Coverage Team 2

Sean showing steps in the TGU.

Now you know the team.  Looking forward to seeing you all at Outdoor Retailer.  We will be posting during the show, shooting some Facebook live interviews and chasing bacon and beer after the meetings.  Vendors and PR teams, put your pitches together.  Readers, get ready for some awesome coverage!

Make sure to check in on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

Sean Sewell Thank You

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