Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019 Meetings

Engearment at OR Snow Show 2019


Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019 Meetings

What is new in the Backcountry Ski and Splitboard Gear World?

The Engearment crew just wrapped up covering the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019.  We rolled deep with 7 writers and photographers covering the big event.  With meetings with over 80 companies, video interviews, live product demonstrations and LOTS of upcoming gear testing coming your way.  Let’s jump into some of the highlights.

Day 1

We started the day off with Weston Backcountry.  They have several new splitboards and snowboards coming out.  Of note, the New Carbon Backwoods and Rise should be on your radar.  We recently reviewed the Japow splitboard and are looking forward to reviewing the Carbon Backwoods.  Here, Sean Eno goes over the entire lineup:

Patagonia – Recycled Goodness

We always love working with Corey and Patagonia.  They do such a good job of leading the charge with recycled gear and doing well for the environment.  They will have even more recycled goods in their line up for next season.  The big takeaways we saw was a new backcountry touring clothing line up.  (Snow Drifter). This will replace the Decentionist kit that we love, but it looks like an even better gear line up.  They will have men’s and women’s jacket, pants and bibs and offer at a fair price point.  There will be matching backcountry backpacks as well.

Grab a coffee and watch this

Ever wonder what it is like to hang out with Patagonia at these shows?  Strap in and enjoy!

Patagonia Snowdifter Line-Up

Softshell feel, hardshell performance.  Plus, it is quiet and not as expensive as some other line-ups! 3 Layer shell with lots of breathability.  Pit zips, breathable panels on bibs and dual zips to dump heat. Speaking of bibs, the Snowdrifter bib will have an even more full coverage than the popular Pow Slayer Bibs. See our detailed review of the Patagonia Pow Slayer bibs here.  There will be two matching backpacks too. Cost-effective and durable.

Patagonia Ascensionist

High end 3 layer waterproof breathable alpine jacket. Gore-Tex Active with C-Knit Backer makes this jacket super lightweight. 13 ounces for a size medium.  Say what?! Yep, light and functional. It’s the love child of the M10 and Refugative jackets.  I love the Refugative, so this new Ascensionist will see some time in our testing grounds.

Patagonia Black Hole is now 100% Recycled!

That’s right.  100% recycled awesomeness.  I love the Black Hole bags and keep three in my truck at all times.  Available soon!


Patagonia Macro Puff

We love the Micro Puff jacket and use it for many adventures.  The Macro Puff will feature the same kind of insulation, but more of it!.  Check out the teaser video below:

Plum splitboard bindings

Plum is a French company that makes some really cool splitboard bindings and interfaces.  We have been tracking them for a few years, but it looks like they may be available for purchase in the USA now!  Check out how they work:

Karakoram Updates the Prime (and enters the hardboot market?!?)

We love hanging out with Russman of Karakoram at the OR shows.  After swapping pirate jokes (what did the pirate say when he turned 80?  Aye matey), we delved deep into splitboard tech.  The Prime SL is replaced with the Nomad.  The Prime also gets a weight shave and an asymmetrical frame.   Let’s let Russel explain it in detail here:

Karkoram Secret Project – Hardboot set up!

After several pirate jokes and prying, we were able to get the exclusive peek into the Karakoram Kitchen.  They are cooking up a hardboot setup.  Stoked!

Spark R&D with Dan Ventura

Spark R&D really nailed it with their Pro line of splitboard bindings.  We love the Pro Arc and Pro Surge – read our review on them here.  Not much need to tweak things if there is no need too!  So, some new cool colors and things here and there.  But the new crossbars are awesome.  Look for our detailed review once they are ready to test.

G3 – Backcountry Skis, Splitboard, and Skins

G3 came out with a new set up of skis and a new splitboard this year.  We tested out the new AXLE splitboard.  Read our review here.  The new FINDr ski is pretty cool and features magnets to keep the skis together.  Read more about them here.


North Face – FutureLight – New Waterproof Breathable Technology

The North Face really impressed us with their new waterproof breathable technology called FutureLight.  They created an air permeable membrane that can be formulated to suit the needs of the gear.  From ultralight alpinist gear to resort jacket. They compared the idea to spaghetti.  This made us hungry.  Hungry to try the gear out in the real world.  We should have some gear soon to report back on.

North Face FutureLight

North Face FutureLight actual athlete tested prototypes

Costa – High-quality Sunglasses

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019 Meetings 1

Will, Trevor, and Sean hanging out in the Costa booth.

We love some Costa shades.  There are some new models coming out and we will have them review on them soon. There will be a sunglass with detachable side shields for alpine use.  They are made of recycled fishnets.  Yep, read more about them here. Of course, all the Costa shades are polarized.

Day 2

Never Summer – Colorado Made Snowboards and Splitboards

Never Summer is always at the top of our list for the show.  The Swift splitboard continues to be Sean’s favorite.  Read our review here.  New for next year will ber West Bound and Atom (pictured below).  Never Summer will be teaming up with Phantom for their connectors moving forward.  We love the Phanom Hercules Hooks.  Read more about them here.

Never Summer Atom Splitboard

Never Summer Atom Splitboard

Vince Sanders, Chairman of the Boards,  walks us through all the details in the video here:

K2 – New Splitboard and Improved Aspect Boot

K2 has not been on our radar the last year or so for splitboard gear.  They impressed us with the updated (and lighter) Aspect boot and new Marauder splitboard.  What I think is most impressive is that the Marauder will be available in so many sizes and is unisex.  No more pink boards for the ladies!  They get the good stuff too!


Four Points Bar – Colorado Proud!

Four Points John Fielder

Day two was highlighted with the Four Points Bar happy hour featuring a great talk from legendary photographer John Fielder.  John gave a great speech about the importance of outdoor industry from a recreational and economic standpoint.  If that name sounds familiar, it should.  He is the co-author of the famous leather book that can be found in most homes. Colorado 1870 – 2000.

Day 3

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask had lots of new drinkware and even some coolers to show us.  We took home the Skyline series 15L soft-sided cooler and water bottle for review.  Cool stuff!

Hydro Flask Skyline Series

Thirty-Two Boots – New colors for Jones MTB

Thirty-Two had lots of cool athletes driven collections to share with us.  We found the Nicolas Muller line to be the set up that would resonate most with our readers.  30k/30k waterproof breathable with some mechanical stretch.  Ashton from Thirty-Two goes over in more detail in this video:


Jones MTB boots get a new colorway

Not much has changed with the MTB boots. But they did get a new maroon colorway.  We have the review up on the MTB splitboard boot here.  Pretty cool getting the scoop from Ashton and chatting about Jeremey’s new movie – “Ode to Muir“.  Turns out Ashton gave Jeremy a ride to the premiere!

thirty two jones MTB boot

thirty-two jones MTB boot new color

Mountain Hardwear – The Future is Now

Things got really interesting at Mountain Hardwear  We were kind of confused as to why they had a big, empty, booth.  Then the augmented reality kicked in and we went for a trip.  Check out the video below for a little primer on the next level tech.

Besides the space age visuals, MH managed to show us some really great gear.  They are back to using GoreTex for the waterproof membrane and will feature updated Ghost Whisper jackets and pants.

Salomon Shoes and Skis

Emily and Maddie go over the new S-Lab Ultra 2 shoe. Featuring the Sense a fit and diamond lugs.  Available April 2019. The new QST in the Stella ski feature cork in tip and tail to absorb chatter. S-Lab Shift bindings in person (they are hard to keep in stock!). Plus lots of fun and shenanigans (it is the last day, we are all a little crazy). The big take away is the new S-Pro boot.

RMU – Rocky Mountain Underground

RMU makes some really well thought out packs and skis.  Here is the scoop on their line up. Purchase any of the gear here.

686 Preview

686 collaborates with Coal for some awesome jackets, pants, and mitts.

686 GoreTex one piece.  We loved the GoreTex Multi Shell – see our review here.  This new one-piece looks awesome too!


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