Hydro Flask Food Jar – New and Oh So Nice

The brand new Hydro Flask Food Jar is a very good looking, insulated food container that is great for soups and chilis. Plus, they look awesome.

Hydro Flask Food jar

Hydro Flask Food jar

Hydro Flask Food Jar

The Hydro Flask Food Jar is an evolution from the current Hydro Flask Food Flask. I have been using them since the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in late January 2020 and am stoked to see how everyone else likes them when they come out in the fall of 2020. Here is a video of Lucas with Hydro Flask showing us them at the OR show.

What I like about the Hydro Flask Food Jar


These attractive and durable food jars have been great for soups and chilis this winter.  I used them for long days in the mountains and winter camping, and even at home.  They feel good and sturdy.  Of all the food containers I have used, these have been the best!

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