Wool for summer? Yes, Merino wool for summer! Is it the lightest wool shirt in the world? The TREWWeightless NuYarn Merino T-Shirt still features TREW’s NuYarn Merino blend but is even lighter and more breathable. We put it through the test to see if it was as impressive as the hype.

I love the TREW Gear NuYarn Lightweight pocket Ts so much that I have basically lived in them for the last three months. Then TREW released the Weightless NuYarn Merino shirt and changed the game. You see, most lightweight wool garments are 150g or so. The TREW Pocket T is 150g and has been the bee’s knees for all of us wool loving folk. The Weightless shirt features 110g NuYarn so it is lighter (4 ounces or so) and breathes even better.

Is Weightless NuYarn as durable?

Yes, it is. NuYarn Merino wool blend is very impressive stuff. It is stronger, stretchier and dries faster than other blends. To test it out, I wore it non stop for 5 days of hiking, camping, drinking, sleeping, working out and biking. The shirt did not stink. I usually stink and the shirt did not keep me from stinking (that is what showers are for) but the shirt did not stink. Even after being soaked in sweat several times, it did not retain a stink.

Weightless NuYarn still uses TREW’s 17.5 micron merino fibers, blended 85/15 with nylon.  How did they drop it from 150g to 110g?  Well, we’d guess anti-gravity quarks, but it’s really more likely a change in the nylon fibers and weave.

How does NuYarn feel?

Super soft and comfortable. You find yourself wearing it all the time. The fabric is more breathable and lighter weight, so it is barely noticeable that you are wearing it. Make sure to check that you are wearing it before entering a store. No shirt, no service.

The TREW Weightless NuYarn Merino T is going to be your favorite shirt. Is is variable in 3 colors and in men’sand women’ssizes. MSRP $65

NOTE – They are currently sold out, but anticipate to be in stock 7/25/17. That is how good of a shirt it is – it sold out in less than a week. Make sure to get your order in before they run out again!


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