Pearl Izumi Indoor Cycling Wander Collection is Stylish Minimalism

Pearl Izumi Indoor Cycling Wander Collection is Stylish Minimalism 1

Pearl Izumi Indoor Cycling Wander Collection is Stylish Minimalism

Indoor cycling at home has recently experienced a surge of interest; partly due to physical distancing, the uptick in virtual cycling challenges that have replaced actual organized rides during the coronavirus pandemic, and also from cyclists unable to ride outdoors because of smoke from wildfires burning throughout western states. Consequently, the demand for indoor cycling-specific apparel has increased. 

Pearl Izumi Women’s Wander Collection is designed with indoor cycling and stylish minimalism in mind. An intentional study of fabrics, ventilation, function and style, it is a result of fifty years of cyclist product knowledge taken into the indoor cycling studio.

Constructed from recycled polyester, the first piece from the collection is the Wander Tank,  designed for high-intensity indoor spinning workouts. 



Appearances can be deceiving. 

Upon first glance, the tank looks like any other basic workout tank (to me, it didn’t look like it was specifically meant for spinning at all). However, remove it from the hanger and take a moment to appreciate its thoughtful construction. Then, put it on your body and it looks fantastic. 

I sometimes jokingly refer to the Wander Tank as “the mullet top” because it is all business in the front and party in the back. 

The full-coverage front (hello, sprinting!) features a surprisingly flattering high crew neck.  The back has a deep cut V accentuated with flattering cross straps for breathability. A small side zip pocket in the back can accommodate a keycard or cash.

Airy and light, the standard-fit Wander Tank doesn’t cling to the body in a sweaty wrinkled mess but instead drapes beautifully. I was surprised something that initially felt “flimsy” held up well. Additionally, the Wander Tank scores subtle style points with shaded accents and geometrically shaped mesh fabric for breathability.

For someone who is middle-aged, and who has at one point, actually contemplated wearing Spanx underneath a workout tank, the Wander Tank is flattering. It looks stylish for women of all ages and a variety of body sizes. The only Wander Tank flaws are that it lacks a shelf bra and the storage pocket was too small.

Recently, I have had a difficult time trying to find indoor cycling and workout tops that I can wear without constantly adjusting or feeling self-conscious. For someone who doesn’t have chiseled abs (I blame stay-in-place snacking), avoids strappy tops (straps are either too tight or too loose), but wants the latest technology in performance fabrics, the Wander Tank is a great technical piece.

Four (blush, white/fog, dark denim/navy, and black) color options mean you can shake it up. Finally, while it is designed specifically for indoor cycling, the Wander Tank is functional to use as athleisure wear outside the studio. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


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