QuietKat Ibex – The Most Capable Full Suspension E-Bike Fat Bike Yet

QuietKat Ibex E-Bike - Mike Opland of Engearment.com

QuiteKat Ibex – The Most Capable Full Suspension E-Bike Fat Bike Yet


The QuietKat Ibex is a full-suspension E-bike that also happens to be a legit fat bike.  Its 26 x 4.8′ tires are on strong wheels with TEKTRO 4 position hydraulic disc brakes and legit SRAM 9 speed derailers, coupled with RockShox Monarch RL rear suspension and 140mm KKE inverted air fork up front. The Engeament Team took it out for massive testing.  Mike Opland took it on challenging single tracks and MT bike terrain – as well as trying to keep on Highway 93 on the way to Boulder from Denver (hitting 52 MPH on the way!)

QuietKat Ibex E-Bike

QuietKat Ibex E-Bike




QuietKat Ibex Review

I used the bike on the fire roads and backcountry of Colorado for the last several weeks and found it to be a positively jaw-dropping experience.


If I am being honest – this was the MOST FUN I have ever had on two wheels. Not only can the QuiteKat Ibex pedal assist level 1 with ease – it is great for bike trails.  It can also do legit level 3 – all-out scooting without needing to pedal.  This blew my mind and allowed me to haul ass – uphill with gear! – while enjoying the scenery around me.


My most pleasant surprise is that our dog Chloe learned to run beside the bike while I was using it.  This added immensely to the positive experience and gave me more confidence to do bigger missions.

First, we let our resident rocket scientist – who has a background in bike mechanics and LOTS of experience on the trail, cover the Ibex.  Mike Opland used it on trails around the Denver and Front Range area for four weeks.  He provides a very helpful walk though of how the bike works, the components used, and some fun POV footage as well:

Once he was willing to let this awesome bike go, I hopped on it at our favorite place – Jones Pass.

I was pleasantly surprised that the heavy, full-suspension bike was able to get up the mountain with little to no effort on my part.  The level 5 assist was out of this world.  This is when I had an ear-to-ear grin.

As you can see here – I am quite happy with the Ibex.  It is hard to find complaints on a device when you are having so much fun! I have been enjoying using it at Jones Pass, Vail Pass and all around Denver.  This bike rips! Plus, it has been a great commuter bike.


I have enjoyed taking it on Cherry Creek Bike path on the way to our gym.  Our Gym members are blown away with this bike too.  I love getting others on the bike and watching their ear to ear grin when the throttle kicks in. Or as they jump a curb and shred around the paths.

Bottom line – The QuiteKat Ibex is a game changer.  It can haul gear (which we will be testing next – both with the trailers as well as the bags and baskets) it is fun to use, easy to assemble, looks like a beast and has more power than I know what to do with.

QuietKat Ibex E-Bike - Mike Opland of Engearment.com

QuietKat Ibex E-Bike – Mike Opland of Engearment.com

QuietKat Ibex E-Bike - Mike Opland of Engearment.com

QuietKat Ibex E-Bike – Mike Opland of Engearment.com

If you had to ask me what my favorite e-bike company and bike is at the moment, I would say QuiteKat.  The QuiteKat Ibex is is a dream to pedal, drive and rove around on. I can not say enough great things about this bike. It is THAT awesome.


Stay tuned for our 3rd review on the bike after two months. We ordered several additional features for the bike.  Bags, trailers, and much more.  (there are several accessories for the QuietKat e-bikes) So stay tuned for that!


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