ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler – As Stunning as it is Cool

The ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler $290 is an extremely good looking, and functional cooler. This soft side cooler has been on a lot of adventures this spring. This cooler has been a great cooler, for sure, but it has also been a great padded case for gear as well.  We will discuss this below 🙂

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler – Looking Good!

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler – Sexy Beast

Yep, I just called a cooler a Sexy Beast.  Take note, as there are some reasons why I stated this.  First, my wife said it was the best-looking cooler she has seen.  And she has seen a lot of coolers come through the Engearment testing path. Second, she is a visual person and knows what looks good.  I should mention that she was the manager at Victoria Secrets’s biggest store in Colorado, so… she knows what looks good 🙂

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler side

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler waterproof zippers

Soft Side Cooler

I am a fan of soft-sided coolers as they can adapt to the situation, more or less.  Meaning, they can be smushed, compacted, tossed around, and all that.  I do like hard-sided coolers for sitting on, and for being stable. But a good soft side cooler can do the job of a hard side cooler and adapt.

Good Looks

As stated above, this a very good looking cooler.  Heck, it is a good looking anything! The “woven” look of the material gives it some serious class.  Add in the functional, and good looking waterproof zippers, and you have a stand out cooler.

Ok, it is a cooler.  So does it keep Cool?

Job 1 of cooler is to keep things cool.  The ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler does this.  We took it on several day and 2-day trips – camping, road trips, and picnics. It seemed to do the job as well as any other high-end soft side cooler (I have tested several other high-end coolers, those reviews can be found here on 

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler loaded up

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler loaded up

ICEMULE Traveler 35L Cooler Features

  1. Durable materials
  2. Waterproof zippers and construction
  3. It floats!
  4. Can be carried as a backpack
  5. Also useful as storage for gear

If you are in the market for a high-end soft side cooler and would like the cooler to be comfortable to carry, and good looking, the ICEMULE Traveler would be a solid choice!

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