Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler – Take Your Chill With You

Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler

Take Your Chill With You

Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler

Take a bury, soft side cooler, add a second compartment and turn it into a backpack and you have the new Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler.

It’s a cooler, it’s a backpack

Yes, it is both!  The Dayventure is a cooler disguised as a backpack.  Or is it the other way around?  I forget.  All I know is that it allows me to carry food and drink on my back, to whatever fun activities are ahead.  Whether it is a picnic, an outdoor concert or a camp spot.  The Dayventure pulled through.

Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler Review

As a durable backpack, this cooler worked well at keeping items from getting smushed.  It was used as a camera bag, farmers market produce carrier, cooler and other random uses. I found it was good at keeping adult beverages separate from kid food.  This came in handy at outdoor concerts.

The bottom section is compartmentalized with a very robust and watertight zipper. I was able to fit a full 6 pack with two freezer packs in the bottom section.  The top was used to hold sandwiches and dip (bitchin sauce!). The outer pocket was perfect or a cutting board and a few dry snacks.

Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler Review

Sturdy design

The Dayventure is so damn strong, that it stands up on its own.  I left the cooler backpack out overnight in a hail and rainstorm, just to see if it would yield.  It did not take on any water and the pack looked like new.  Credit the 840D TPU coated materials and puncture-resistant materials for that. For another Pelican soft side  cooler, check out our review of the Pelican SC24.

What is it good for?

At first, I was a bit confused about what this is supposed to serve.  Why the two storage areas? My wife and I took turns packing it and trying to approach it as a consumer would.  We overstuffed it, slammed it on the ground. Let the dogs take a turn at it.

Left it on the deck for days on end.  Left it in the trunk of the truck for weeks on end. Kept it at camp, in the freezing cold.  In the rain and hail.  All to see if it was durable, useful and warranted. After a few months of abuse, we were sure that this cooler/backpack was legit.  It is an investment at $250, but we could not break it.  And the crossover use was pretty cool.  From watertight camera bag to beer cooler – it worked.

Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler Review

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